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Thursday, October 23,2014

Farm to school

BVSD’s first annual Harvest Festival seeded through a USDA grant

By Heather Ridge
One year ago, the Boulder Valley School District learned it would be receiving almost $100,000 in funding from the U.S. Department of Agriculture to help support Farm to School initiatives that connect the schools to local farmers.
Thursday, October 16,2014


Where is downtown’s dining scene heading?

By Hudson Lindenberger
The place downtown Boulderīs changes are perhaps most evident to the average person is downtown restaurants.
Thursday, October 9,2014

Second course

The Flatirons Food Film Festival returns for a sophomore year

By Michael J. Casey
Back for a second year, and sporting a new name, Flatirons Food Film Festival looks to expand the palate even more. Once again, five movies will be screened (Craft, Trattoria, Seeds of Time, Growing Cities, El Somni).
Thursday, October 2,2014

Chef Che

An artisanal army of food revolutionaries invades Boulder

By Josh Gross
“Food actually leads culture,” said Brito. “What happens with food affects every element with life. The clothes we wear. The houses we build. The things we fill those houses with. The things we use to clean those houses. How we move around in life. Food really does mean more than food.”
Thursday, September 25,2014

Defining local

Can one catchall word capture the meaning of the local food movement for grocers and consumers?

By Heather Ridge
According to the New Oxford American Dictionary (which actually selected the word “locavore” as its 2007 word of the year), local food is that which is sold and consumed within a 100-mile radius from where it was grown. But ask 10 people what they consider to be “local food,” and you’ll probably get 10 different answers.
Thursday, September 18,2014

Park it right here

Food truck pod moves measurably closer toward becoming a reality

By Josh Gross
He pulled Grant aside on the trip and pitched him on starting a similar food park in Boulder. Grant, who had been working in app development for the last several years saw the potential and came on board, bringing his business partner, Justin Riley, on as well.
Thursday, September 11,2014

Eat a plant and spare a tree

New study warns that our diet could push planet to the brink

By Alex Kirby
Healthier diets — defined as meaning lower meat and dairy consumption — and reduced food waste are among the solutions needed to ensure food security and avoid dangerous climate change, the study says..
Thursday, September 4,2014

Browned greens

Latinovating Food Fiesta to highlight how Latino food can make environmental change

By Josh Gross
As a nurse, Americas Latino Eco-Festival volunteer Tanja Johnson worked all over the world. She says that everywhere she went, she saw that food was a core part of what made and drove the culture. She says she learned that “food is where we gather, food is community and food is collaboration.
Thursday, August 28,2014

Does red or white go with turmeric?

Workshop aims to pair wine and spices

By Josh Gross
Blake and Tracy Eliasson have been running their winemaking business, Settembre Cellars, for seven years now in Boulder. But it was just in May of this year that they opened up the tasting room. Once they did, they had to figure out what to do with it. And what they decided to do this week, was try to send people elsewhere, to Savory Spice Shop.
Thursday, August 21,2014

Warming something up

How climate change is altering your dinner

By Lorena Galliot
The world’s population is projected to top 9 billion by 2050, a 28 percent leap that will greatly increase the demand for food just as climate change is altering rainfall patterns and causing more frequent and widespread droughts.