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Thursday, July 31,2014


Fifteenth annual Rocky Mountain Tea Festival aims to explain all the tea in China

By Maalikah Hartley
The first tea fest put on 15 years ago by Martinelli and his wife Sara was meant to bring a higher awareness of international tea culture to Boulder. Industry leaders came out to teach workshops and hold tea tastings for customers interested in premium, loose leaf tea, and the event had such a gratifying outcome that it expand-.
Thursday, July 24,2014

There’s no business like brew business

Like artists and musicians everywhere, homebrewers also chase the dream of going pro

By Cody Gabbard
Just like those bands who feel they have mastered their chords and progressions, though, “homebrewers are a dime a dozen,” says Michael Memsic of Sanitas Brewing Company. And despite how good your friends say your award-winning homebrew is, there’s a lot more to it than recipe development.
Thursday, July 17,2014

Hangover killers

Dining out at midnight

By Grace Boyle
Summer is more than here — it’s hangover. Be sure you have cash on hand kicking hard. That means it’s because they don’t take credit cards. the perfect time to enjoy the Illegal Pete’s:.
Thursday, July 10,2014

Feeding the Front Range

National food prices rising faster than locally grown

By Heather Ridge
President John F. Kennedy once quipped that the farmer is “the only person in our economy who buys everything at retail, sells everything at wholesale and pays the freight both ways.” As long-term droughts continue to dry out the fertile valleys and plains of California, Oklahoma and Texas, and many parts of the country recover from unprecedented frosts, food prices across the country are anticipated to rise.
Thursday, July 3,2014

A little cheesy

Boulder’s craft cheesemaking scene is small, but growing

By Kristen Kuchar
What started out as one simple, fresh chevre sold at farmers’ markets, developed into cheeses being herbcoated, marinated and smoked, winning national attention by snagging awards with the American Cheese Society. Queso de Mano, “A Cheese Named Sue,” Red Cloud and Green Chile Jack are some of the recent winners.
Thursday, June 26,2014

Pain and growth

Local therapists exploring the value of gardening

By Elizabeth Escobar
Horticultural therapy picks up where medicinal treatments leave off. By way of gardening work and instruction, horticultural therapy serves to assist the elderly and people with disabilities through an expanded range of activities — both physical and social.
Thursday, June 19,2014


Where to eat your way across Colorado this summer

By Bob Berwyn
June 21 marks the official first day of summer, and that means the season of road trips is officially here. It’s time for fresh vistas, new trails and trying some new eateries along the way, because food, like adventure, nourishes not only the body, but the soul.
Thursday, June 12,2014


Cooper 10:30-11:30 a.m. The Importance of Local Food with Tracy Ryder 1-2 p.m. Lunch Lessons: Changing the Way We Feed Our Children with Ann Cooper 2-3 p.m. Making Community through Food A Reality with Kimbal Musk 4-5 p.m. The Art of Plating with Escoffier 7-8 p.
Thursday, June 12,2014

Meat, veggies and The Dairy

Inaugural Taste of Art festival puts dinner on display

By Josh Gross
The flood pushed things back a bit. But it was still nearly a year ago that Mallory Cates originally approached The Dairy Center for the Arts to pitch them on an art show about food. For Cates, who ran a company making spreads and tapenades and knew a lot of writers and photographers from her time in publishing, it seemed like a natural fit. Still…
Thursday, June 5,2014

Now seating the Flintstones

Paleo diet gets out of the cave and onto Boulder menus

By Erin Blakemore
There’s no denying that paleolithic eating, which claims to mimic the ways of our pre-agricultural ancestors by focusing on protein and eschewing grains, legumes and industrially processed seed oils, is the saber-toothed tiger of current diet trends.