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Thursday, May 8,2014

A coffee high

Climate change in coffee-growing regions is driving up prices

By Kieran Cooke
Arabica coffee beans — by far the most popular variety of coffee — are now fetching around $2 a pound on the world market. That’s nearly double the price of a year ago. There are several factors that seem to be driving the market upwards.
Thursday, May 1,2014

Morel madness in Colorado

Wild mushroom foraging season begins in the grassy cottonwood bosques

By Bob Berwyn
Mushroom hunters are a strange bunch to begin with, scurrying through the forest with their eyes glued to all the damp and shady spots on the ground, hoping to find that treasure trove of delectable fungi. The morel-seeking clan is especially zealous for a particularly delicious variety starting to sprout along some Boulder-area streambanks right now.
Thursday, April 24,2014

Hey, frackers — don’t mess with our beer!

Brewer concerns reflect wider unease with fracking boom

By Bob Berwyn
In all, 36 brewers signed a letter to Gov. John Hickenlooper, mildly (and vaguely) expressing concern about energy development impacts to the state’s craft-brewing industry. Specifically, the brewers asked Hickenlooper to strike a better balance between energy development and resource protection by supporting more stringent rules for fracking and other fossil fuel development.
Thursday, April 17,2014

What’s Manischewitz?

The goy’s guide to Passover

By Tara Morgan
This week, Jewish people worldwide are celebrating Passover. Though the celebration continues for a whole week, the holiday’s most important meal — the Passover seder — generally falls on the first night. Filled with storytelling, ritual foods and lots of wine, the seder dinner can be both mysterious to goys (non- Jews) and enthralling for all who secure an invite.
Thursday, April 10,2014

Eat and run

Sampling Boulder’s variety of food tours

By Grace Boyle
As the last snow begins to melt, flowers begin to bud and the temperatures rise, Boulder gears up to face the beautiful spring and summer months. One of the best ways to get the most out of spring is to take advantage of the nice weather and return of life with a good tour.
Thursday, April 3,2014

The mayonnaise of record

What the popularity of one brand says about the condiment

By Ari LeVaux
Mayonnaise is the top-selling condiment in the nation, and is on a trajectory to overtake soy sauce on the world stage. The reasons behind this popularity are diverse and are the subject of much speculation — by me, anyway.
Thursday, March 27,2014

Going GMO-free is easier said than done

Which comes first: the cage-free chicken or the organic egg?

By Grace Boyle
Boulder is known for its staunch commitment to organic products, sourcing local and an emphasis on avoiding genetically modified organisms, often referred to as GMOs. Whether it’s picketers on Pearl Street, advocates at the farmers’ market or social media rants from locals, it is clear there’s a rising tide of opposition to GMOs, especially in the local restaurant scene.
Thursday, March 20,2014

Shining a light on circadian rhythms in plants

Preserving the living nature of foods could increase nutritional value

By Ari LeVaux
Plant parts, like leaves and roots, keep living after having been separated from the plants on which they grew. For days, weeks, even months after being harvested, the component cells of these plant parts can carry on with their metabolic functions.
Thursday, March 13,2014

Fabulous fernet

Mysterious spirit appearing on menus in Boulder

By David Accomazzo
Depending on who you ask, Fernet is a miracle hangover cure, a delicious digestive aid or a secret handshake for those in an exclusive club.
Thursday, March 6,2014

A Cup of Peace offers asylum for the west side

By Josh Gross
A Cup of Peace doesn’t look like much from the outside. A plain storefront in an unglamorous lot on the side of the less-distinguished end of Arapahoe. The best thing it has going for it is a big vinyl sign advertising budget Korean lunch specials within like some sort of gas station cafe.