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Thursday, May 17,2012

Boulder’s lifestyle depends on the use of fracking

By Paul Danish
A couple of weeks ago the price of natural gas dropped below $2 per thousand cubic feet, the lowest it has been in more than a decade before rebounding somewhat. For that, the 99 percent — the 99 percent of Boulder residents who heat their homes with natural gas, that is — can thank an oil company.
Thursday, May 3,2012

Think globally, and fry locally

By Paul Danish
WHeh. According to a paper published in the latest issue of the journal Nature Climate Change, windmills can cause global warming.
Thursday, April 19,2012

CU’s misguided 4/20 approach

By Paul Danish
CU has an interesting new strategy for dealing with the campus’s annual 4/20 rally and pot inhalation this year. It appears to have gotten it from North Korea.
Thursday, April 5,2012

The folly of compulsory national service

By Paul Danish
The New York Times columnist David Brooks wants to bring back the draft. Or at least some form of compulsory universal national service. He thinks it will bring Americans back together again.
Thursday, March 22,2012

The president’s astonishing chutzpa

By Paul Danish
President Obama has been flitting around the country intimating that U.S. natural gas reserves have tripled in the last three years as a result of his administration’s policies. His chutzpa is astonishing.
Thursday, March 8,2012

Climate change & the ingratitude of the eighth generation

By Paul Danish
“Why should I do anything for posterity? What has posterity ever done for me?” —Groucho Marx Good question that, even if it was intended to be a joke. The correct answer is because half a billion years of evolution on this planet preclude you from doing anything else — unless you happen to be one of natural selection’s culls.
Thursday, February 23,2012

The intriguing David Walker

By Paul Danish
And now, the next president of the United States! David Walker! Huh? Yeah, you know, David Walker. The former comptroller general of the United States. The guy who has been traveling around the country for years saying sensible things about money. That David Walker.
Thursday, February 9,2012

Why fracking is here to stay

By Paul Danish
If you want to know why fracking is here to stay, consider what’s been going on in Weld County. The Wattenberg gas and oil field, which sprawls across 1.9 million acres of Weld County, is a pin cushion of more than 20,000 wells, more than 12,000 of which are still producing.
Thursday, January 26,2012

Mitt and the Bain thing

By Paul Danish
TAbout Mitt Romney and the Bain Capital thing: I’ve always admired venture capitalists. But not all venture capitalists are equal. The admirable ones are the sort who fund the start-up companies of entrepreneurs like Jobs and Wozniak. They’re the ones who enable the emergence of revolutionary technologies and ways of doing things that transform the marketplace and change the world.
Thursday, January 12,2012

War on fracking

By Paul Danish
Hands down easiest prediction for 2012: Boulder’s hyper-active activists will take time out from their busy schedule of sabotaging American food production to sabotage American oil and gas production.