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Thursday, March 19,2015

Putin and anti-fracking activism

By Paul Danish
Harold Hamm, the multibillionaire oilman who is president of Continental Resources, the company that is the biggest player in North Dakota’s Bakken shale oil patch, raised some eyebrows last week when he said the Russians were financing the anti-fracking movement in the United States.
Thursday, March 5,2015

Obama’s happy dance with Iran

By Paul Danish
The agreement will allow Iran to keep most of its existing nuclear infrastructure, which is approaching the size and scope of the Manhattan Project’s, with America’s blessing — while imposing flaccid limits on the number of uranium enrichment...
Thursday, February 19,2015

Boulder needs a municipal oil company

By Paul Danish
Many Boulder residents chafe under the tyranny of Big Oil, which supplies the gasoline, natural gas and asphalt in the Whole Foods parking lot on which their survival depends. But fortunately, there is a way to rescue the city from the talons of Big Oil. (Just as all babies are beautiful, all dogs are good and all bicyclists are Little Lord Fauntleroys, all oil companies are Big.) Anyway, if you can’t lick ‘em, join ‘em. Boulder should start its own oil company.
Thursday, February 5,2015


By Paul Danish
“It is long past time to hold polluters responsible for their failures. The public is time and again asked to shoulder the burden of toxic spills occurring as a result of carelessness, ignorance, shoddy workmanship or cutting of corners in service of the bottom.
Thursday, January 22,2015

Real tax reform means everyone pays something

By Paul Danish
Obama’s proposals emphasize income redistribution. He wants to raise taxes on the wealthy and give tax breaks to the middle class and to the working poor, the last through expanding eligibility for the earned income tax credit, among other things..
Thursday, January 8,2015

The dark horses of 2016

By Paul Danish
Polls and pundits have been making all sorts of assumptions about the 2016 cycle: That Hillary Clinton is an oddson bet to be the Democrat if she chooses to run, that if Elizabeth Warren were the candidate, she would run like a latter-day George...
Tuesday, December 30,2014

My persons of the year

By Paul Danish
The Person of the Year award — called the Man of the Year award when it was begun in 1927 (Charles Lindberg was the first recipient) — was originally intended to recognize the person who “for better or for worse ... has done the most to influence the events of the year.
Thursday, December 11,2014

Blacks, police and marijuana

By Paul Danish
Human Services, who serve at the pleasure of the president) the power to add or remove drugs from the list of drugs regulated by the act, or to move them among the five regulatory categories (or “Schedules”) under which drugs covered by the act are listed.
Monday, December 1,2014

GMOs: Boulder County’s November surprise

By Paul Danish
Every Democrat on the ballot in Boulder County won in Boulder County. Mark Udall and John Hickenlooper each got more than two-thirds of the votes cast in their races in Boulder County. Jared Polis got more than three-fourths. Almost all of the proposals involving tax increases in Boulder County and Boulder County cities passed.
Thursday, November 13,2014

Driving to ban drilling

By Paul Danish
But the hypocrisy is beside the point. The real point is that even people who want to ban oil and gas drilling can’t live without it.