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Thursday, March 10,2011

Bomb Gaddafi's runways

By Paul Danish
It's the least you should do. If you want to keep Gaddafi from putting down the popular revolt in Libya and systematically murdering tens of thousands of Libyans - you do, don't you - then ground his air force.
Thursday, February 24,2011

Revolution comes to the Midwest

By Paul Danish
Mass rallies were staged in Wisconsin, with similar protests spreading to Ohio, Michigan and Minnesota. Organizers used social media to turn out the demonstrators. That, however, is where the similarity to Egypt and other Middle Eastern countries ends.
Thursday, February 10,2011

Open letter to the members of the 112th Congress

By Paul Danish
For the past 38 years we've been telling you we want to be free of foreign oil and the international cartel that produces most of it and fixes its price. And for the past 38 years you've been saying you were going to do something about it. And for the past 38 years American oil imports have been going up, and OPEC has done pretty much as it's pleased.
Thursday, January 27,2011

A modest proposal to protect members of Congress

By Paul Danish
OK, it's a bit non-intuitive. First of all, forget about 24-hour security details, Kevlar body armor or even teaching Congressmen defensive shooting skills. They're not cost-effective, and they serve to sow the seeds of distrust between the member and his or her constituents.
Thursday, January 13,2011

Stopping massacres: What won't work and what will

By Paul Danish
What can be done to keep whackos like Jared Loughner from trying to assassinate congressmen, senators and presidents? It’s easier to say what won’t work.
Thursday, December 30,2010

Ratifying START was insane

By Paul Danish
Embracing the START treaty required the Obama administration, the U.S. Senate and most of the country's foreign policy establishment to ignore an ugly little fact that while Russia may be agreeing to reduce its own nuclear arsenal under START, it is...
Thursday, December 16,2010

A Nobel Prize for Assange? How about in chemistry?

By Paul Danish
Interesting idea, that. But for what? Chemistry, of course. Why chemistry? Thats because Assanges accomplishment was in keeping with historys first example of Nobel-quality work on the planet, which was in the field of chemistry: It was when...
Thursday, December 2,2010

Is Sarah Palin smart enough to be president?

By Paul Danish
The truth is that when it comes to running the United States, you don't have to be much above average in terms of smarts. The genius of the Constitution is that it created a government that doesn't require a genius to run it.
Thursday, November 18,2010

Who killed Proposition 19?

By Paul Danish
First, when it comes to ballot proposals generally, the tendency is to vote no. When voters are uncertain about what a ballot measure will do and they often are they usually conclude that the safest course of action is to maintain the status quo by voting no.
Thursday, November 4,2010

Politics, like rust, never sleeps

By Paul Danish
Boulder Weekly deadlines are such that in order to write an analysis of Tuesdays election for todays paper, I would have had to hand it in two days before the polls opened. Analyzing why things happened two days before they actually happen is a tough gig.