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Wednesday, November 25,2015

Now you see it, now you don’t

Local photographer captures Tibet's vanishing culture

By Caitlin Rockett
John Birchak’s eyes well with tears as he speaks about his first days in Tibet — three days in the sacred city of Lhasa, often spent watching Buddhist devotees walk wellworn paths around and around and around monasteries on Barkhor Street. “During those three days it was absolutely bliss to be in the old Barkhor,” Birchak says. “There are all these street vendors out in front of the buildings, and every morning and every evening there was this beautiful stream of people doing their daily kora, their daily walk, saying their prayers. You just had to step into this stream…” he pauses as the tears form, then he asks forgiveness.
Thursday, November 19,2015

Where the next turn leads

By Adam Perry
It was a cold spring morning, a Monday, signaling my first week off work (as a veterans-law paralegal in Boulder) in seven months. The previous day I’d completed the eccentric 70-mile Eroica California, with around 6,000 feet of elevation gain meandering Central California wine country on a 12-speed Torelli from the early ’80s.
Thursday, November 12,2015

Strength of mind:

Mark Williams on harnessing the power of the brain

By Tom Winter
About clarity of mind. Nothing really out of the ordinary, particularly when you consider that he’s a graduate of Naropa University and currently a partner in a company called Dynamic Human Solutions, which offers coaching and seminars “that improve the capacity of the individual and their contribution to the team.
Thursday, October 22,2015


Up America’s spine with ‘Unbranded’

By Michael J. Casey
In 2013, Ben Masters led fellow Texas A&M graduates — Thomas Glover, Jonny Fitzsimons and Thamer — along with 16 wild mustangs and a documentary crew on a five month ride from the American-Mexican border in Arizona, through Utah, Wyoming, Idaho, Montana and finally to the American-Canadian border.
Thursday, October 15,2015

Flying high

Gary Campbell soars with the wind

By Tom Winter
The air is still this Sunday morning. It’s fall and the hint of yellows and reds are starting to dot Boulder’s lush landscape — but it’s still warm. In fact, it’s already warm out on the plains east of the city on this particular Sunday morning, and with no clouds in the sky it’s obvious it’ll get a lot warmer. The heat doesn’t seem to bother Gary Campbell, though. He’s not worried about the time; he has all day. It’s a good day to be outside and, with miles and miles of visibility, an even better day to be flying. And it won’t be nearly so hot up at 10,000 feet.
Thursday, September 24,2015

There are some special people here

Boulder Sports Hall of Fame inducts four new members

By Caitlin Rockett
The temperate climate, high elevation and stunning views attract athletes from around the world to train: former speed skater Apolo Ohno trained for his first Ironman here, and four-time Ironman world champion Chrissie Wellington rents a home in North Boulder.
Thursday, September 17,2015

Summer storming

CU Student organizes winter film fest in Chile on summer break

By Tom Winter
The crowd inside El Montañes, a bar and restaurant in Farellones, Chile, is standing room only. There are more people outside, cajoling the security staff in a vain attempt to get in. They’re the unlucky ones, the ones without tickets to the hottest night of the austral winter.
Thursday, September 10,2015

Figuring it out

David Clark shed his addict self-image to become an ultramarathon runner

By Amanda Moutinho
Clark had his first experience with alcohol at age 13; from then on he continued to struggle with alcohol on and off for years. In the late ’90s, despite being a successful businessman with a wife and twins, Clark was still medicating himself with alcohol and pills.
Thursday, September 3,2015

Make your own legends

The Adventure Film Festival takes over the Boulder Theater

By Michael J. Casey
With the tagline, “Make your own legends,” the Adventure Film Festival (AFF) boasts a line-up of 30 films of varying lengths, subjects, genres and mediums to give festivalgoers a taste of adventure, a sense of legends in the making and, hopefully, inspiration to go forth and create their own personal stories.
Thursday, August 27,2015

Cuba at the crossroads

In the wake of new diplomacy, a glimpse of island life at street level

By Elizabeth Wolf with Carolyn Oxley
This was my father’s car, and now it is mine,” says our taxi driver. “And this is my son, and he will start driving it soon, too.” He nods toward the dark-haired boy in the front passenger seat. My 14-year-old son and I are in Cuba in mid- June, rattling in the backseat of a 1950s Buick headed for Central Havana. We’ve brought a rolling suitcase and a backpack stuffed with toothbrushes, pencils and medical disinfectant wipes to distribute — everyday items hard to come by in this island country.