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Thursday, April 3,2014

Not all who wander are lost

CWA panel on exploring in your 20s

By Caitlin Rockett
The panel “Wanderlust: Oh, the Places You’ll Go in Your 20s,” at the Conference on World Affairs, will bring together four diverse panelists — from career experts to graphic novelists to musicians — to talk about … well, whatever comes up.
Thursday, April 3,2014

Dancer in the wild

Local collaborative films aerial dancer in the Flatirons

By Elizabeth Miller
High up on the southern side of Bear Peak at the southwestern edge of Boulder, the rock feature known as The Maiden hooks from the ground toward the western horizon. The west, overhanging face became the stage for an unlikely aerial play — a solo aerial dancer.
Thursday, March 27,2014

Are you mentally tough ?

If you want to be truly successful, get your mind in the game.

By Scott Barry Kaufman
In his book The Art of Learning, Joshua Waitzkin describes how he is able to compete, and win, against martial arts competitors much physically stronger than himself by putting his mind into the game.
Thursday, March 20,2014

Variety is the spice of life

Want more skiing and riding options? Buy a season pass

By Tom Winter
Passes get you access to much more than a single mountain.
Thursday, March 13,2014

Stay vigilant

Avalanche safety remains a backcountry priority come spring

By James Dziezynski
This has been a winter of bi-polar conditions in Colorado’s mountains. Strong storms have alternated with warm, wet days to create some of the most unpredictable snow conditions in 20 years. As we turn the corner to spring, it’s important not to let your guard down when traveling in the backcountry.
Thursday, March 6,2014

A good feeling

Montana inherits Colorado’s backcountry hut wisdom and hits the sweet spot for skiing

By Tom Winter
From yurts to tents to the luxury of Altoona, backcountry huts in Montana is a trend that has been inspired by the rich array of options in other states, particularly Colorado, with its famed 10th Mountain Hut system.
Thursday, February 27,2014

High altitude snow-bound

Colorado ski mountaineer sets sights on skiing the ‘Alaska Family’

By Elizabeth Miller
Anton Sponar, who spends his summers guiding in Chile, has mapped out a plan to spend the early summer in Alaska, working on the trio of peaks called the “Alaska Family,” Mount McKinley, Mount Foraker and Mount Hunter, over a six-week period.
Thursday, February 20,2014

Chronicles of pain and passion

Banff film tour brings a little agony, and a lot of visual fun

By Elizabeth Miller
“The two of us have never done a bike tour and we thought it would be pretty cool to do a bike tour, we’re pretty good friends, we’ve traveled a lot, and, you know, it’s all culminated in the worst trip of our lives,” Honnold says in the film trailer.
Thursday, February 13,2014

BIFF: Get over your Everest ennui

Two films recall the history and renew the inspiration of the Himalayas

By Elizabeth Miller
Two film’s at this year’s Boulder International Film Festival, High and Hallowed: Everest 1963 and Keeper of the Mountains, deliver the stories of people who went to Nepal shortly after it opened to tourists in 1960 to pursue its Himalayan peaks.
Thursday, February 6,2014

Head-to-toe news from the OR show

We came, we got overwhelmed, we learned some new things

By Elizabeth Miller
Boulder Weekly had a staffer who was flitting in and out among the booths of the Outdoor Retailer trade show in Salt Lake City, scoping out some of the latest in outdoor gear for the coming season. Here are a few products that caught some attention