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Thursday, August 22,2013

Pushing a little bit harder

Boulder's Matt Cooke hanging onto KOM jersey into stage four

By Elizabeth Miller
Maybe it's too soon to say, but Matt Cooke's story feels like the comeback story of the Pro Challenge. Cooke spent the first half of this season cycling in races around the U.S. as an amateur competitor after his pro team, Exergy, collapsed.
Thursday, August 22,2013

Who died at Crooked Creek?

A CU law professor turns teaching case law into solving a murder

By Cayte Bosler
The tale is multifold: a rigorous historical documentation of a criminal case that saw the courtroom six times, including two drawn out spells at the Supreme Court; a cautiously fictional account of how the characters might have been; and a chronicle of her own plaguing obsession with the evidence of the case — and notable lack thereof.
Wednesday, August 21,2013

Sagan takes his second stage victory in third day of USA Pro Challenge

By Elizabeth Miller
Peter Sagan spent his day buried in the peloton, saving up his speed for the final push to the finish, emerging out of a chaotic field of sprinters to take the win for Stage Three of the USA Pro Challenge.
Wednesday, August 21,2013

Youth prevails in USA Pro Challenge's high-climbing Stage Two

Mathias Frank takes stage, Lachlan Morton in leader's spot

By Elizabeth Miller
On Pro Challenge Stage Two’s final climb up Hoosier Pass, Lachlan Morton cranked up the speed in a move that saw him surge ahead not to win the stage, but to take the leader’s jersey into Stage Three of the race.
Monday, August 19,2013

Sagan wins Pro Challenge Stage One, strong showing from Colorado riders

By Elizabeth Miller
After Americans led the way through most of Stage One of the USA Pro Challenge, a three-rider — and all Colorado, we’d like to note — breakaway group was sucked back into the peloton and last minute shuffling saw Peter Sagan, a Slovakian rider for Cannondale Pro Cycling, surge ahead to win stage.
Thursday, August 15,2013

The USA Pro Challenge: A most beloved race

High-altitude climbs and a million spectators make the three-year-old cycling competition a prized race

By Elizabeth Miller
For 128 of the world’s best cyclists, the time has come once more to turn their wheels toward Colorado with one intention in mind: to suffer.
Thursday, August 8,2013

Climber Craig DeMartino asks, What rock bottom?

DeMartino on a big fall, roping up again and the mentality that made it all happen

By Elizabeth Miller
For 11 years, an attitude of refusing to let setbacks and disabilities sit him down on the couch once and for all means that Craig DeMartino is doing more — climbing harder, faster, stronger and smarter — than most people do with twice as many feet as he has.
Thursday, August 1,2013

At home in the trees

A recreational tree climb changes pace and perspective

By Stephen Kasica
Fifty feet above the ground in one of the Red Oak trees at Chautauqua Park, I’m dangling like a spider suspended from its silk. I pant, grunt and pull myself up another foot, and I’m only half way to the top of the tree. Suddenly, the other rope next to me goes taut and I hear a rhythmic grunting and clanking below.
Thursday, July 25,2013

Drone season

'Boulder Weekly' lines up to be first to shoot one down

By Jefferson Dodge and Joel Dyer
For sporting types like ourselves, the alluring call of the wild drone was not something we could resist. It was mid-morning when we headed out for Deer Trail, a tiny burg that sprouts from the empty plains with an optimistic population estimate of 598.
Wednesday, July 24,2013

The drone-shooting rules

By Jefferson Dodge and Joel Dyer
If approved by the Deer Trail Board of Trustees on Aug. 6, the seven-page ordinance drone-shooting ordinance drafted by Phillip Steel would do the following.