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Thursday, March 28,2013

Finished with a flourish

Cat skiing at Monarch with the Liberty Skis crew leads to meditations and one mutilated ski jacket

By Elizabeth Miller
With each turn of my skis, snow sloughs off the steep chute and cascades down toward the basin below. It’s not enough snow to be frightening, certainly, but enough to feel like I really am off the beaten track. And that, of course, is the point.
Thursday, March 21,2013

Golden child: Young Boulder skier John Leonard

18-year-old might just be Boulder's first gold medalist in halfpipe skiing

By Tom Winter
If you haven’t heard of John Leonard, don’t worry. The talented 18-year-old athlete hasn’t exploded onto the action sports scene, yet.
Thursday, March 14,2013

Women's outdoor adventures: Changing choice

Women and girls outdoors program works to change lives by reshaping decisions

By Elizabeth Miller
On a sunny September afternoon in Vedauwoo, Wyo., Mary Jackson stands addressing a group of six women, drawing three circles in the sand with the toe of her shoe.
Thursday, March 7,2013

'Wild West capitalism' versus wilderness

Controversial Colorado business model tested in Telluride

By Cecelia Gilboy
Thomas Chapman is a Colorado real estate developer who has been called “the most hated man on the Western Slope” by a Telluride realtor quoted in Powder magazine. He’s known for selling properties surrounded by wilderness after threatening to build mansions or subdivisions on them.
Thursday, February 28,2013

A frigid wolf chase

Tracking wolves by dogsled in Saskatchewan

By James Dziezynski
Looking at a map of Saskatchewan, one can’t help but notice the glaring lack of human infrastructure in the northern reaches of the province. Civilization fades out on the map just north of the city of Prince Albert, the last significant outpost before the Canadian prairie blends with the sub-Arctic boreal forest.
Thursday, February 21,2013

Continental drift

‘5 Races, 5 Continents’ explores what motivates ultrarunners, whatever country they call home

By Elizabeth Miller
Somewhere over the more than two years of interviews that went into making 5 Races 5, Continents, which tracks toward the emotional core of trail running, the conversation among the filmmakers and one of their central subjects, Killian Jornet, turned to the growing popularity of the sport.
Thursday, February 14,2013

BIFF 2013: Find, save, copy, paste

'Digital Dharma' tells of one scholar’s work to save thousands of Tibetan texts

By Elizabeth Miller
Imagine a trove of knowledge as vast and extensive as the famous Library of Alexandria, heralded for its archives of literature from antiquity and destroyed in the first centuries of the Common Era — burned, in the best of the legends about its destruction, in a fire that took six months to work through the documents that contained what was then the best and most comprehensive collection of the world’s knowledge.
Thursday, February 7,2013

New kid on the mountain

Dual Snowboards inch into the winter sports scene

By Meredith J. Graham
When Liz Bailey first clipped her boots into a pair of dual snowboards two months ago, she was a little skeptical. An avid snowboarder, she wasn’t quite sure how these things on her feet would change the experience of gliding down the mountain.
Thursday, February 7,2013

Running out of sight

Michael Stone on his first road marathon ‘blind’

By Stephen Kasica
Stone was born with vision, but never had perfect eyesight. For most of his adult life he has just read his phone extremely close to his face. It was not until Sept. 8, 2003 — a day he says he will never forget — that an optometrist diagnosed him and his younger brother with a genetic disease called Cone-Rod Dystrophy.
Thursday, January 31,2013

Thoughts from a rookie ski instructor

By Dave Belin
I had been asking myself that question ever since I was hired as a rookie ski instructor at Eldora Mountain Resort months before: Why, exactly, did I decide to teach skiing?