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Thursday, December 13,2012

Saving lives one net at a time

12-year-old starts nonprofit to help fight malaria in Senegal

By Hayley Proctor
In a small African village off the coast of Senegal, where medical care and supplies are scarce and disease and infection abundant, death is an all-too-familiar event. Unless you happen to be an American seventh grader who traveled there with your mother, a midwife.
Thursday, December 6,2012

‘Mountain Gazette’ halts print edition

By Jefferson Dodge
The venerable outdoor journal, which was founded in Denver as Skiers’ Gazette in 1966, will continue to operate online, and Summit Publishing President Blake DeMaso says he hopes to find a new model for eventually bringing the printed version back.
Thursday, December 6,2012

Veterans' hiking program is about breaking through

Soldiers to Summits heads for Cotopaxi, Ecuador

By Elizabeth Miller
Before getting caught up in the destination — the 19,347-foot-high summit of the volcano Cotopaxi — it’s important to back up and look at the journey. That is, after all, what it’s really all about.
Thursday, November 29,2012

A tale of two runners

Boulder ultramarathon athletes Sage Canaday and Cameron Clayton finally face each other to conclude the 2012 season in San Francisco

By Stephen Kasica
One was a collegiate runner from the East. One was a collegiate runner from the West. One was showered in champagne at the end of his first ultramarathon, while the other received five stitches after his ultramarathon debut.
Tuesday, November 27,2012

From Elbert to Everest

Colorado mountaineer Jon Kedrowski talks Sleeping on the Summits

By James Dziezynski
The New Year’s resolution on Jon Kedrowski’s calendar probably read something like this: Do everything!
Wednesday, November 21,2012

The Strafe story: How two CU students have created one of skiing's most interesting brands

By Tom Winter
The one-piece ski suit. It’s an object of ridicule. The preferred garb for gaper days and end-of-the-year parties.
Thursday, November 15,2012

Success by The Book

By Tom Winter
The Book is a result of sweat. Of struggle. Of pain and mishap and, ultimately, of success. The Book is, says Palmer Hoyt, “how I learned how to ski again.”
Thursday, November 8,2012

Falling in love with Bhutan

Boulder resident Clyda Stafford recounts her recent trip to the captivating Bhutan

By Alyssa Hurst
Bhutan is not an easy place to get to, or to get around in. Just getting to Bhutan costs a small fortune, but for Clyda Stafford, the price was worth it.
Thursday, November 1,2012

Many close calls later

Mountaineer and author Simon Yates is still chasing first ascents

By Tate Zandstra
"It was a miracle really, that neither of us were killed,” says Simon Yates. “We were in this really narrow couloir on Makron Chhish, myself and another guy, when just a massive amount of rockfall started coming down.”
Thursday, October 25,2012

´Choose Your Adventure´ is a globe-trotting character study with plenty of action

The eighth film from Powderwhore Productions offers a wide range of stories from the back of beyond

By Stephen Kasica
Choose Your Adventure, the latest release from Wasatch-based Powderwhore Productions, is a skiing variety show.