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Thursday, May 3,2012

Grounded: Unknown ailment hospitalizes Cory Richards during Everest expedition

By Elizabeth Miller
What happened to Cory Richards on Mount Everest on April 28 when the climber became ill, and how that will affect the rest of the National Geographic Society’s 2012 expedition to Everest is not yet clear.
Thursday, May 3,2012

Getting wet

Author and adventurer Eugene Buchanan´s watery life

By Tom Winter
Blame it on Boulder. At least that’s where author, adventurer and Boulder native Eugene Buchanan lays responsibility for an interesting, eclectic life that has taken him around the globe in search of steep rapids on remote rivers and some not so steep and rapid.
Wednesday, May 2,2012

Rockfall Killed Two Climbers

A 12,000-pound block of rock 16 to 20 feet long, three feet wide, and a foot thick dislodged by the leader killed the Norwegian climbers Bjørn-Eivind Årtun, 45, and Stein-Ivar Gravdal, 37, according to the accident report released by the Rogaland Alpine Rescue Unit (Rogaland Alpine Redningsgruppe).
Monday, April 30,2012

How to Camp in Style With Kids This Summer

Earlier this month we drove our vintage Airstream to Marfa, Texas, for its maiden voyage. We knew zilch about driving or camping with a travel trailer before we left, so it was trial-by-fire from the get-go. Despite a few train wrecks along the way, we survived and learned some things for next time—a good thing, because now that we know how much fun Airstream camping can be, there will most definitely be a next time (Chaco Canyon, Crested Butte!).
Thursday, April 26,2012

Iced over

Polar explorer Eric Larsen uses expeditions to talk about climate change

By Elizabeth Miller
In a decade of exploring the polar region, Eric Larsen has had enough time to travel in the Arctic and Antarctic on skis, on dog sleds and on foot. He’s visited penguin colonies and passed polar bear tracks. And he’s started seeing thinner ice, more open water, freeze-ups later, thaws earlier, a change in population in polar bears and retreating sea ice.
Monday, April 23,2012

Record in sight for World Cycle Racing competitor

Just over over two months on from their departure in Greenwich, London, the contenders of the World Cycle Racing Grand Tour bidding to become the new round-the-world record holder looks to have been whittled down to one.
Thursday, April 19,2012

Going wild

Apryle Craig and Phil Magistro on kayaking to Alaska

By Tom Winter
Apryle Craig is reminiscing about her do-it-yourself kayak trip through the Pacific Northwest’s Inside Passage. The 111-day journey started in Washington’s Gig Harbor before traveling more than 1,200 miles to Alaska.
Wednesday, April 18,2012

Hiking Switzerland: Around the Alps in 80 Days

The age of real adventure is over. All of the exploring has been done, all of the discoveries made. What a load of baloney. Sure, these days it’s harder—though not impossible—to get yourself eaten by cannibals or kidnapped by pirates. But that’s not my thing. I’m drawn to traveling wild places under my own power, which I’ve done from Tibet to Peru. So where have I had the biggest epic of my life? Easy: Switzerland. Never mind that a century and a half ago, intrepid Brits used Swiss peaks to launch the golden age of mountaineering. Trekking? The Alps are ground zero. You’d be forgiven for thinking Switzerland is the last place to go looking for new adventure. But you’d be wrong.
Monday, April 16,2012

The 2012 Adventure Bucket List

Everyone needs goals. Hence this life list. In the United States, a good case could be made that one of them should be to take more time off. Americans have notoriously few paid vacation days: 12, compared to 21 for Canadians, 23 for the Brits, and 39 for the French. What’s more, you may be hard pressed to find people who actually use all their vacation days. According to a 2010 study by Expedia, the travel company, Americans earned an average of 15 vacation days (paid and unpaid), but only used 12 of them.
Thursday, April 12,2012

Dropping weight

The long distance hikers’ way

By Elizabeth Miller
In 2008, Alan Carpenter decided to try his first long distance hike. He picked the manageable John Muir trail, a 218-mile walk through the Sierra Nevada mountains, as he says.