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Tuesday, August 7,2012

Gone with the wind

Last spring, Bear Grylls walked away from one of the sweetest gigs in the adventure world. Was it career suicide? Or a savvy move by a born survivor?

“ONE! TWO! THREE!” And with that, Bear Grylls, Saddleback Church pastor Rick Warren, and one unlucky volunteer from the congregation all toss back a handful of worms and maggots. The crowd of some 5,000 inside this Orange County megachurch groans and cheers, followed by an awful moment filled with the miked-up sounds of chewing and swallowing.
Monday, August 6,2012

See CU student's photos of London Olympics

CU journalism student Stephen Kasica is tweeting photos of the London Olympics, where his girlfriend, Shalaya Kipp, is competing in the steeplechase. Below is a "postcard" he wrote for the CU Journalism News Service.
Friday, August 3,2012

The crack machine

As a guide, who guides, I love teaching people the essential skills of crack climbing technique. One thing I have realized is that it’s hard for people to grasp the concept of finger locks, ring locks, hand jams, cups, and the like, especially if they don’t have access to good rock.
Thursday, August 2,2012

Shifting gears

World Bicycle Relief athletes give bikes a bigger meaning

By Elizabeth Miller
What got Rebecca Much into cycling has a similar thread to what she does now that she’s retired from a competitive cycling career that included National Cyclocross Championship and National Time Trial Championship wins. It’s about what bikes can do that has nothing to do with how fast you pedal them.
Thursday, July 26,2012

Boulder has strong presence in upcoming Olympic games

By Hadley Vandiver
Just like Boulder seems to support more than the typical per capita number of bike shops and running shoe stores, this year’s Olympics, which begin on Friday, July 27, in London, will see a stunning 11 competitors from Boulder — all of them cycling or running after medals.
Thursday, July 26,2012

Inspired to ride

Documentary Reveal the Path shows serendipity of unguided travel

By Elizabeth Miller
We’ve all done it — watched a film like The Way and thought about packing up for Spain, or seen 180º South and considered a life of climbing mountains and surfing new waves. But how often do we turn that inspiration into the impetus to pack up a motorcycle and set off to write our own diaries?
Tuesday, July 24,2012

Colorado Pushes to Add Wilderness

It might be late in the session in an election year, but Colorado’s senators continue to push for additional wilderness designations in the state, recognizing the economic and and environmental benefits of untrammeled land. Last week, Senator Michael Bennet introduced a bill to protect more than 100,000 acres of the Hermosa Creek Watershed, an area in the San Juan National Forest north of Durango.
Monday, July 23,2012

American Resorts (Finally) Chasing Whistler Bike Park

Circa 2006, the state of mountain biking’s gravity-fueled cutting edge was Whistler and a few ski resorts nestled between the Swiss Alps and the French Alps. But the difference between what was happening in Europe and what was happening in Canada was pretty much maple syrup vs. high fructose. The latter, “bad stuff” was Europe, because they viewed gravity as a pro thing. Build it for the pros and let the masses hit it and see if they can survive.
Thursday, July 19,2012

It’s not flying, it's falling with style

Professional skydiver Nick Batsch talks risks and rewards

By Travis Mannon
Professional skydiver Nick Batsch jumps for many different reasons. Whether he’s diving to break world records (which he’s done five times) or to commemorate fallen friends (who have accumulated over the years), Batsch says his motivation is always evolving.
Wednesday, July 18,2012

Emaciated Hiker Found After Over A Month Missing In Utah's Escalante Desert

After not being heard from in over a month, missing hiker William M. LaFever, 28, has been found. He was spotted by a helicopter flying over the Escalante River gorge, where the bearded man was discovered sitting in a shallow river in the Escalante Desert with nothing more than his pants, shoes, underwear, shirt and a lighter. LaFever had been trying to make his way from Boulder, Utah, to Page, Arizona, on foot, and had lost 50 pounds subsisting on nothing but frogs, roots and river water.