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Thursday, June 14,2012

in case you missed it l ACADEMIC B.S.?

On the same day we found out that fired professor Ward Churchill had his appeal heard by the state Supreme Court, we learned that a Republican regent candidate committed academic misconduct that was at least as bad as anything old Ward ever did, if not moreso.
Thursday, June 7,2012

In case you missed it | Obituaries May 2012

Bob Stewart (August 27, 1920 – May 4, 2012), born Isidore L. Steinberg, was an American television game show producer. Stewart is known for creating popular game shows, including To Tell the Truth, Password and The Price Is Right.
Thursday, May 31,2012

in case you missed it | Get off the couch

Elise Jones and Garry Sanfaçon are facing off in the Dem primary for the District 1 seat being vacated by Will Toor. Yes, they are both opposed to fracking and GMOs, but they disagree on how aggressive the county’s approach should be in targeting them.
Thursday, May 24,2012

in case you missed it | Konfused Kevin

Sen. Kevin Lundberg of Berthoud, like a lot of Republicans these days, wants to have it both ways. Very little government, unless big government suits their needs.
Thursday, May 17,2012

in case you missed it | From the 'duh' category

If he had, he would realize that the lousy pizza is one of the few foods served that actually gets eaten at all.
Thursday, May 10,2012

In case you missed it | Mitt's world of plenty

Why, yes, of course, Mitt. All 313 million Americans should definitely live in dwellings of more than 40,000 square feet on 16-acre estates (the figures for the Kentucky estate belonging to Papa John’s pizza-chain founder John Schnatter, whose home Romney was in when he made the comment).
Thursday, May 3,2012

In case you missed it | Bear photo takes another twist

As of Wednesday morning, the bear had retained Frank “The strong arm” Azar, and has filed suit. The bear claims that her civil rights were violated when she was drugged and then photographed in a compromising “super bear” pose while incapacitated.
Thursday, April 26,2012

In case you missed it | What a difference four days makes

We sure appreciated the memo from the CU administration providing us with a list of items that would be prohibited at President Barack Obama’s April 24 speech in the Coors Events Center.
Thursday, April 19,2012

In case you missed it | Baked with fish sauce

News about CU using fish fertilizer on Norlin Quad to deter would-be pot-smokers on 4/20 made national news this week. And we thought the whole point of cracking down on 4/20 was to get negative news about CU out of the headlines.
Thursday, April 12,2012

In case you missed it | A matter of perspective

By now you’ve likely heard that Ted Turner would like to generously donate 25 buffalo to the city of Boulder. He thinks they would look good out on U.S. 36 as you come into town, and they would.