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Thursday, March 15,2012

In case you missed it | HOW’S THAT PIE?

After all, “pink slime,” as it is now called, is a collection of beef byproducts formerly used only in pet foods. Now they are heating it and then spinning it to separate the textured salvage product from the partially liquefied fat. Then they sell us what’s left over as meat.
Thursday, March 8,2012

In case you missed it | Limbaugh logic

By now, you are either familiar with Rush Limbaugh’s most recent sexist assault on an innocent college student over her remarks before a Congressional subcommittee regarding contraception, or you have recently passed away or are living in a plywood structure in the woods above Ward.
Thursday, March 1,2012

In case you missed it | Rest in peace

Once again, here is our monthly look at a few of the noteworthy people who we lost during the month of February:
Thursday, February 23,2012

In case you missed it | Only in Boulder

OK, so sometimes the whole Boulder-ness of our county can get to be a bit over the top. The latest was a recent email from your Boulder County government reminding all of us green-abiding citizens that Feb. 24 is the deadline for commenting on the county’s “Climate Change Preparedness Plan.”
Thursday, February 16,2012

In case you missed it | Finally De-Bruced

Douglas Bruce in jail? Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy. Bruce is the infamous Colorado Springs anti-tax crusader who brought us the 1992 Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights, or TABOR, which has been blamed for strangling the state’s budget for years — even inhibiting Colorado’s ability to rebound from the recession.
Thursday, February 9,2012

In case you missed it | Justice for campers

So, let’s get this straight. The City of Boulder passes an idiotic law against camping within city limits to keep undesirables like homeless people from sleeping under any kind of shelter, including a tarp that might protect them from the elements.
Thursday, February 2,2012

in case you missed it | Super Bowl Siberia

Take heart, Broncos fans. We may not be playing in the Super Bowl, but at least we don’t have to fork out thousands of dollars for the privilege of hanging out in Indianapolis for a few days. It only seems fitting that all those wealthy East Coast fans who are paying as much as $10,000 per ticket are headed to a place where the most exciting pastime is a temporary zip line designed to fly SB attendees through the heart of this nightlifeless cow-town some 50 feet above the entertainment desert below where no club or modern drinking and eating establishment has ever taken root.
Thursday, January 26,2012

in case you missed it | Here are some of the wonderful souls who have left us this past month:

At his funeral, wreaths from both the ruling government’s Minister of Industry and National League for Democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi were placed next to each other..
Thursday, January 19,2012

in case you missed it | Romney trainwreck

Watching Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign has been like watching The Human Centipede, the 2009 horror movie about a mad scientist who creates a “pet” centipede by kidnapping three hapless victims and surgically attaching their mouths to the others’ rectums.
Thursday, January 12,2012

in case you missed it | A $50K reminder of how far we haven’t come

We may have elected our first black president, but it wasn’t very long ago that we were committing unspeakable acts of racism. Just this week, a state-appointed task force in North Carolina recommended that every living person who was sterilized against their will as part of the state-run eugenics program should be financially compensated for their pain and suffering. As a matter of perspective, this program was not terminated until 1977, well into the Carter administration.