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Thursday, November 17,2011

In Case You Missed It | Bullying in the name of God

Two weeks ago, Michigan’s Republican-dominated Senate inserted language at the last minute into an anti-bullying bill that exempted bullies motivated by “a sincerely held religious belief or moral conviction.”
Wednesday, November 9,2011

in case you missed it | Put GMOs on 2012 ballot

Obviously, the issue is highly charged, and highly charged issues make politicians nervous. A vote of the people is one way to be certain exactly how Boulder County feels about GMOs — and might be the only way to see the majority’s will enacted on county land.
Thursday, November 3,2011

In Case You Missed It | Don’t whine if you didn’t vote

Some of the election outcomes this week were decided by very small margins. For instance, we went to bed thinking that one of Boulder’s municipalization measures, 2B, was going to be narrowly defeated. When we woke up, it had passed by a margin of only 141 votes. And up in Longmont, Dennis Coombs unseated incumbent Bryan Baum to become mayor by only 164 votes.
Thursday, October 27,2011

In Case You Missed It | Xcellent video

Wow, Xcel is really pulling out all the stops on this municipalization thing. They’ve even filmed some really compelling TV commercials with amazingly talented actors. Not. Check them out and see for yourself.
Thursday, October 20,2011

in case you missed it | Cain is a joke

Is GOP presidential hopeful Herman Cain cracking jokes — or is he himself the joke? In an effort to win points with tea partiers who believe undocumented immigrants are one of the roots of U.S. budget woes, Cain described his idea of a border fence to an audience in Tennessee.
Thursday, October 13,2011

in case you missed it | Cain's insane

Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain needs help. This dope thinks he’s going to attract voter support by taking potshots at the Occupy Wall Street movement. In a TV interview on CBS’s “Face the Nation,” Cain called the protesters “jealous” Americans who “play the victim card.”
Thursday, October 6,2011

in case you missed it | We're anti-anti-abortion

We thought October was Breast Cancer Awareness Month, but maybe it’s Psycho Anti-Abortion Protest with Graphic Photos Awareness Month.
Thursday, September 29,2011

in case you missed it: Santorum's dirty ego

Sen. Rick Santorum has an inflated sense of his own importance. He seems to think that because he’s white, male, Christian and a U.S. senator, he ought to have some control over the frontier known as the Internet.
Thursday, September 22,2011

in case you missed it | Phlegming gags on tax hike

What an ass. Republican U.S. Rep. John Fleming, who has slammed President Obama’s deficit-reduction plan because it contains tax increases for the wealthy, told MSNBC reporter Chris Jansing this week that raising taxes on the rich would prompt layoffs.
Thursday, September 15,2011

in case you missed it | Tainted words

In the wake of Westword’s interview with Phish drummer Jon Fishman (which briefly appeared on the paper’s website on Sept. 3), which was revealed to have been plagiarized from both Relix Magazine and Modern Drummer magazine, we thought we’d share Boulder Weekly’s rules of guidance given out to editors to try and spot plagiarism.