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Thursday, September 8,2011

in case you missed it | Work. Breathe. Die.

Closing Gitmo. Bringing our troops home from Iraq. Ending military tribunals. Real health-care reform. Global climate change. The list of reasons to be disappointed in President Obama keeps growing. Now we can add smog to the roster.
Thursday, September 1,2011

in case you missed it | Blame God

It’s not unusual for right-wing Christians — America’s Taliban — to attribute catastrophic events to the wrath of God. Apparently, nothing satisfies God more when He’s pissed off than a bit of mayhem and indiscriminate death — men, women, children, babies, pre-born babies. Hell, kill ’em all.
Thursday, August 25,2011

in case you missed it | Saying yes to GMOs

So only two out of the nine members of the county’s Cropland Policy Advisory Group are willing to rule out the use of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) on our publicly funded open space.
Thursday, August 18,2011

In case you missed it: A mother's right

The American Civil Liberties Union and the ACLU Women’s Rights Project announced on Monday, Aug. 15, that they plan to file a lawsuit against Rocky Mountain Academy of Evergreen, a charter school, on behalf of Heather Burgbacher, a technology teacher who says she was fired for pumping breast milk during school hours.
Thursday, August 11,2011

in case you missed it | Hypocrisy abounds

Conservatives had a hard time hiding their delight when Standard & Poor’s downgraded the United States’ credit rating from AAA to AA last week. Clearly, they’re hoping myopic voters will blame President Obama for this historic event.
Thursday, August 4,2011

in case you missed it | Affordable contraception for all

By Jan. 1, 2013, women with health insurance or Medicaid will receive birth control without copays under new guidelines from Health and Human Services (HHS), which this week classified birth control as preventive health care. Although many insurance policies cover birth control pills and emergency contraception to some degree, most women pay copays that range from $15 to $50 per month for the pill or up to $1,000 for the implantation of an intrauterine device (IUD).
Thursday, July 28,2011

in case you missed it: Ban bigots

In less than two months, the ban on gays in the military will come to an end. “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” (DADT) the policy of silence put in place as a compromise by President Bill Clinton will be swept away in favor of equality. Well, that’s one campaign promise President Obama has kept. Now all people regardless of gender, race or sexual preference, will be able to serve their country. And for some, this is a terrible thing.
Thursday, July 21,2011

in case you missed it | Groping goes one way with TSA

Longmont resident Yukari Mihamae found out last week that groping only goes one way when it comes to the Transportation Safety Administration (TSA). Mihamae, apparently a frequent flyer, felt violated by repeated TSA screenings.
Thursday, July 14,2011

in case you missed it | The DEA is high on crack

Last week, the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) disappointed medical marijuana researchers and patients when it rejected a petition to reclassify marijuana, declaring that the drug has no medical uses.
Thursday, July 7,2011

in case you missed it | Sluts strut their stuff

Sluts showed up in force in Denver’s Civic Center Park on Saturday, July 2, to protest sexual assault and victim-blaming at an event aptly titled SlutWalk Denver. Many participants chose to dress provocatively — corsets, bras, short shorts, miniskirts, lingerie — to drive home the point of the protest: nothing a person wears excuses or justifies rape.