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Thursday, June 9,2011

in case you missed it | Mountain biking? No dog for you

It's a canine hit-and-run - and that's exactly how it should be treated. Wherever these two men are, one should face criminal and civil penalties for failing to keep his animal under sight and voice control, as required by law, and for running away rather than staying at the scene of the accident.
Thursday, June 2,2011

in case you missed it | Flipping off the po-po

'Our client engaged in peaceful, silent symbolic expression that is protected by the First Amendment,' said Mark Silverstein, ACLU's legal director. 'The protection of the Constitution is not limited to speech that is acceptable in polite society. The First Amendment also protects expression that may be disrespectful, coarse or even vulgar.'
Thursday, May 26,2011

in case you missed it | Apocalypse not now

Forget for a moment that he was predicting the End Times, convincing people to give up their worldly possessions and generally being a nutcase who believes he has an equation for predicting when the world will end. Hes basically telling the world that he just halfassed his math, no big, hell get it right next time.
Thursday, May 19,2011

In case you missed it | Dog daze

You might wonder if this is misplaced police resources or a product of how much we love our dogs in Boulder County, but it's probably more a question of available information. Boulder police have been pretty tight-lipped about the sexual assault, saying that the only identifying information on the suspects is that they are males.
Thursday, May 12,2011

In case you missed it | Repent and tax no more!

Last year, the Colorado General Assembly passed a really stupid law that cost a lot of Coloradans money. In a misguided attempt to recoup sales tax lost when people buy goods from online vendors like Amazon.
Thursday, May 5,2011

In case you missed it | Obama gets Osama

It was probably the only time we cheered him (OK, maybe when he expanded daylight savings time, too). We were swept up in the rhetoric about evil and defending our great country. We backed the military engagements that followed, in the name of finding Osama bin Laden, public enemy number one.
Thursday, April 28,2011

In case you missed it | Think 4/20 is a waste of money? Try the war on drugs

So who are the Stupidest of the Stupid, the 11 Republican senators who introduced this bill? They are Sens. Kent Lambert, Bill Cadman, Scott Renfroe, Mark Scheffel, Keith and Steve King, Nancy Spence, Kevin Grantham, Ted Harvey, Mike Kopp and Kevin Lundberg.
Thursday, April 21,2011

In case you missed it | Fighting 'Gang Green'

So, you may recall that an out-of-state conservative group, Western Tradition Partnership (WTP), ran attack campaigns against liberals in the Longmont City Council election in 2009. Well, they also go by the name American Tradition Partnership (ATP). Identical websites and logo.
Thursday, April 14,2011

In case you missed it | Doing the J school shuffle

Still, he made his point, and it's a point well taken. CU officials can crow all they want about this 'discontinuance' being an unfortunate term, about this not being a budget-cutting exercise, about faculty retaining their positions, about dragging the J school into the 21st century.
Thursday, April 7,2011

In case you missed it | Six-pack of cold ones

The 6-5 vote was split along party lines. The bill almost certainly would have passed had it reached a vote on the House floor.