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Thursday, December 9,2010

In case you missed it | Tit for tat

According to news reports, John Allen Ditullio, Jr., is a neo-Nazi whose face and neck are covered with tattoos, including one of a swastika. He could face the death penalty if he is convicted of stabbing a teenager to death in 2006, a crime that prosecutors say was motivated by racism and homophobia.
Thursday, December 2,2010

In case you missed it | Pigskin preacher

The University of Colorado is diligently searching for a qualified individual to run its most important program. No, its not the Nobel Prize-winning physics program. Nor is it the internationally recognized aerospace engineering program. Its the football team.
Wednesday, November 24,2010

In case you missed it | Pope budges on rubbers

According to the release, the way the story goes, the idea came to him one night after downing about a 6-pack with his MILF: Wouldnt it be great to have a full-color illustrated sex humor dictionary complete with hysterical definitions? Marz...
Thursday, November 18,2010

In case you missed it | Pedosexuals

Um, hold the phone. In one case, we have adults preying on helpless, emotionally and physically vulnerable children who have no real control over whether they are molested, and in the other case we have two consenting adults expressing their love for one another.
Thursday, November 11,2010

In case you missed it | A printed conviction

A Nov. 6 piece in the Daily Camera titled Boulder medical marijuana shops struggle with laws detailed some local businesses that are grappling, in various degrees, to pull together the cash necessary to bring their shops up to code. But were sure they didnt appreciate this subtle jab, as written by reporter Erica Meltzer:.
Thursday, November 4,2010

In case you missed it | Of bongs and Benson

You might have missed the Nov. 3 launch of a campaign to get a marijuana legalization measure on the 2012 ballot in Colorado. The event at the Best Western Boulder Inn featured former Boulder County commissioner, former Boulder city councilman and Boulder Weekly columnist Paul Danish speaking on The Politics of Cannabis Relegalization.
Thursday, October 28,2010

In case you missed it | Hall in hot water

Even a race for University of Colorado regent has not escaped mention. Granted, this is the one regent race that matters, the one between CU law Professor Melissa Hart, a Democrat, and incumbent Steve Bosley, a Republican.
Thursday, October 21,2010

In case you missed it | Dispensaries bring in the green

Through August, the city has received $314,861 from our local dispensaries, which naturally raises the question of how the city will use that money.
Thursday, October 14,2010

In case you missed it | Spies, lies and GPS

According to, Afifi, a marketing student at Mission College in Santa Clara, Calif., took his Ford Lincoln LS in for an oil change. While the vehicle was on the lift, he noticed an antenna sticking out near the rear wheel. At his request, a mechanic took a look and found a strange contraption stuck to the car by a magnet.
Thursday, October 7,2010

Guys not so great in bed after all

Thats 21 percent of men who are sexually clueless. No, sorry boys, you cant chalk this up to gay guys. The researchers report that the difference is too large to be accounted for by some of the men having had male partners at their most recent shagfest.