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Thursday, December 19,2013



We entered IP addresses of some pro-fracking commenters on our website into a WHOIS database and were able to track two commenters to two separate IP addresses registered to Noble Energy and one commenter to an IP address registered to Anadarko Petroleum Corporation. Ruh-roh.
Thursday, December 12,2013

In case you missed it | POETRY IN MOTION

Most of you have probably seen the ZIP Code Man, David Rosdeitcher, in action on the Pearl Street Mall, but have you had Bill Keys, the Poem Guy, compose a few lines for you while you wait?
Thursday, December 5,2013

In case you missed it | The fracking ad weŽd like to hear

By Boulder Weekly Staff
Does anybody else dive across the room to turn down the volume when that annoying commercial comes on featuring the Colorado ranch lady telling us how safe fracking is for the land, the water and the air?
Wednesday, November 27,2013

In case you missed it | Black Friday at Walmart

By Boulder Weekly Staff
In case you’ve already got all your holiday shopping done and you are looking for something to do on Black Friday, Boulder activists have you covered.
Thursday, November 21,2013

In case you missed it | New oil and gas regs mean nothing

By Boulder Weekly Staff
State health officials, with the blessing of Gov. John Hickenlooper and the heads of the state’s three largest oil and gas producers — Noble Energy, Encana and Anadarko — have proposed a new set of rules to govern air pollution caused by the industry.
Thursday, November 14,2013

In case you missed it | More fracking lawsuits?

By Boulder Weekly Staff
It’s a sad day for fans of the Rocky Mountain Peace and Justice Center (RMPJC) and its “Rockin’ Betty’s Thrift Store.”
Thursday, October 24,2013

In case you missed it | Inside baseball, revisited

By Boulder Weekly Staff
We took great interest in the fact that Boulder City Council member KC Becker was chosen to succeed Claire Levy as state representative to House District 13.
Thursday, October 17,2013

In Case You Missed It | Funding frackers

By Boulder Weekly Staff
We weren’t exactly shocked to learn that the Colorado Oil and Gas Association has reportedly shelled out more than $110,000 to fight the city of Boulder’s ballot measure extending its moratorium on oil and gas exploration by five years.
Thursday, October 10,2013

In Case You Missed It | Ovaries at the wheel

By Boulder Weekly Staff
The latest volley from Saudi clerics in the campaign to keep women off the streets — and no, we don’t mean like that — takes the tack of basic concern for the health and well-being of women and their innocent babies everywhere.
Thursday, September 26,2013

In case you missed it | Xcel playing catch up? Yeah right

By Boulder Weekly Staff
Really? Xcel felt so threatened by the formidable donations being raised in favor of municipalization that the utility behemoth felt compelled to donate $300,000 to the opposition?