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Thursday, December 8,2011

Letters | Evil GMOs

I really love how Mr. Danish opened his piece. First, he rightly points out the incredible percentage of crops in America that are genetically modified and then he asks an incredibly important question: “Why are we even having this conversation?” I was hoping I could answer that for him.
Thursday, December 1,2011

Letters | Inhumane society?

(Re: “Surviving shelters,” cover story, Nov. 10). The last comment I saw about Boulder’s humane society included this statement: “Boulder Humane actively exhausts all options before considering euthanizing an animal.”
Wednesday, November 23,2011

Letters | Dog story unbalanced

Your recent “Surviving shelters” story (cover story, Nov. 10) was unbalanced at best. At worst, it undermines the positive outcome that results when animal shelters and rescue organizations work together.
Thursday, November 17,2011

Letters | Dogs and shelters

(Re: “Surviving shelters,” cover story, Nov. 10.) I want to thank Elizabeth Miller for writing this article. Finally someone is willing to be honest publicly about HSBV’s less-than-humane decisions about the animals that people take to them, thinking they will be safe.
Wednesday, November 9,2011

Letters | Blowing smoke

All I could think after reading J.D. Simonson’s letter on “God’s Gifts” (the supposed gift of life granted by his god who he didn’t identify) was OMG! There is no sense in even discussing Mr. Simonson’s faith-based belief in a creator versus evolution.
Thursday, November 3,2011

Letters | God’s gifts

Then consider, if you will, the most fantastic creation of all that was freely given us — the only and absolute best of all other gifts — and that is we were created in His image and likeness. Life was given to us — again, freely and generously. We didn’t have to toil or draw out volumes of plans to create this image — again, it was a gift.
Thursday, October 27,2011

Letters | Xcel comes knocking

You’ve probably seen one of us walking around your neighborhood. We’ve been knocking on doors, handing out literature, and maybe we’ve even talked to you. We are paid canvassers, henchmen, nothing more than political mercenaries. We care little about your utility bill or what happens in your community. All that we care about is that you vote “NO” on Boulder Ballot Measures 2B and 2C.
Thursday, October 20,2011

Letters | Vote YES on Proposition 103

Thank you for publishing your excellent Boulder Weekly edition of voter information. I always look forward to reading this section because I cant seem to find good information on the candidates and issues facing Boulder voters that is so well-compiled anywhere else.
Thursday, October 13,2011

Letters | Yes on 2H

On Nov. 1, the voices of the people of the City of Boulder will be heard. By joining a powerful national campaign to reclaim true democracy, and saying “yes” to Resolution 2H, we are telling our elected officials that we want action now on a Constitutional amendment that would abolish corporate personhood and the equating of money with free speech.
Thursday, October 6,2011

Letters | Why is Xcel so nervous?

I don’t know much about powerplant municipalization, nor do I care deeply about the ultimate fate of the Valmont Power Station. And I don’t have an axe to grind with Xcel, either. They’ve sent me electricity, I’ve paid my bills, and they’ve never tried to pull anything outrageously stupid like the phone companies always seem to be trying. They even sent me a rebate on solar panels.