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Thursday, May 19,2011

Letters | Deli is a good neighbor

Next up, will the various national budget plans under intense debate solidify corporate welfare and limit economic mobility for 98 percent of Americans, or will we truly lay the foundation for 'shared sacrifice' and fair opportunity in this age of recession?.
Thursday, May 12,2011

Letters | The death of bin Laden

Bin Laden, fortunately, died quickly, not like the hundreds of ill-fated hostages who watched their plane crash into a building or the thousand that were slowly incinerated or crushed in the following inferno. Bin Laden declared war on America and attacked, then we killed him.
Thursday, May 5,2011

Letters | Some deaths are better

I've seen several student elections in my three years at CU. However, party politics is never mentioned - nobody really thinks that way. The student campaigns are based on social power and gathering votes - not the issues. It's all about the network you're a part of.
Thursday, April 28,2011

Letters | Elephants, donkeys and buffs, oh my

I am a caucusing Democrat and, in fact, a block captain for the 2008 campaign. I supported the INVEST ticket this spring. I was also at this Leadership Institute meeting and can give you honest feedback as opposed to conjecture about the content of this meeting.
Thursday, April 21,2011

Letters | Weed whackers

And in light of the Haag memo, which states, The DEA will enforce the Controlled Substance Act vigorously against individuals and organizations that participate in unlawful manufacturing and distribution activity involving marijuana, even if such activities are permitted under state law.
Thursday, April 14,2011

Letters | Check the facts

Kwitny's book is particularly interesting. A long-time investigative journalist for the Wall Street Journal, the author named several U.S. generals and an admiral who were associated with, or held responsible positions in, Australia's defunct Nugan Hand Bank, the bizarre financial institution that laundered huge amounts of drug money for the CIA.
Thursday, April 7,2011

Letters | Second-class citizens

Up there with a girlfriend on a Saturday afternoon, we were sitting on a small, recently constructed dock when an open space ranger approached us announcing that this was a 'sensitive environment' and the dock was only for fishing.
Thursday, March 31,2011

Letters | Bikers and hikers

Although I have been a mountain/BMX biker far longer than I've been riding dirt bikes (30 years vs. nine months), I find it infuriating how mountain bikers have thrown dirt bikers to the wolves over access. Fortunately, our helpful Congressional representative, Jared Polis, is working to fix that.
Thursday, March 24,2011

Letters | Show restraint in Libya

This time he wants the U.S. to attack a sovereign nation (Libya) without providing a shred of evidence that this nation has attacked, or is even a threat to, the USA. Nor does Danish provide any justification whatsoever for the U.S. to involve itself in the internal affairs of another nation.
Thursday, March 17,2011

Letters | Put it in perspective

If I have this straight, in the conservative eye, public employees who have worked for years at modest pay and have built up modest and hopefully comfortable retirement plans provided by their employers are the villains in the economic downturn..