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Thursday, January 20,2011

Letters | Tucson shooting

I applaud your conclusion, but I am afraid your use of examples along the way only gives readers too much to identify with their own beliefs, one way or another, exactly what is demonstrably inappropriate about this public circus. This was a post I made to my Facebook friends yesterday:.
Thursday, January 13,2011

Letters | Double standards for pot

Before starting, I would like to clarify two things. First, I am the owner of a medical marijuana center located in east Boulder and in operation since August of 2009. Second, I want it to be clearly understood that there has not been one day that I take for granted the enormous growth in acceptance of medical marijuana.
Thursday, January 6,2011

Letters | Body artists targeted

During this time of recession/depression, many cities, counties and states are broke, too. It has become evident that Boulder County Public Health Department (BCPHD) is using body art businesses as a cash cow to supplement revenue. Body artists are not wealthy people and have little recourse to fight the system.
Thursday, December 30,2010

Letters | WikiLeaks and Ward

Julian Assanges exposure of the infamous helicopter footage was (despite his Michael Moore-esque editing) a laudable act. The release of the Iraq memos was more questionable; while it revealed questionable behavior by U.S. and Iraqi forces, some of the exposures were at best reckless and at worst sociopathic.
Thursday, December 23,2010

Letters | WikiLeaks saga

Mr. Danish then offers a pseudorationale for unfettered secrecy, providing cover for those who have little interest in peace or respect for international law.
Thursday, December 16,2010

Letters | Palin is a quitter

As a measure of virtues, Danish uses Kiplings stirring, patriarchal (and, for the record, imperial) poem If. I have to admit, Ive always had a soft spot for If and for most hero scripts, but Ive never considered Sarah Palin a potential hero, especially one who embodies the old-fashioned integrity Kipling conjures in If.
Thursday, December 9,2010

Letters | Prez too big a job for one person

To me however, the most important issue here isnt the rising tide of cheeky American mediocrity perfectly personified by Palin.
Thursday, December 2,2010

Letters | Questioning circumcision

(Re: The truth about genitals, Sophisticated Sex, Nov. 18.) Regarding Dr. Jenni Skylers response to Concerned Mom-To-Bes questions about circumcision, it is great that the Boulder Weekly is addressing this issue, and brava to the mom who wrote in for educating herself.
Wednesday, November 24,2010

Letters | Foreclosures are big money

(Re: Politics, like rust, never sleeps, Danish Plan, Nov. 4.) I saw your article on Palin through a friends blog. I wanted to write and say I think you are 100 percent correct. Palin 08 and Palin now are totally different people. She is working out the kinks to make sure she wont have the same gotcha media moments she had with McCain.
Thursday, November 18,2010

Letters | Animals in church

I am concerned about the WILD series of sermons that Flamingo Road Church in Cooper City, Fla., is presenting. I was shocked to see that, with a full congregation in attendance, an adult, 500-pound caged male lion was wheeled onto the pulpit. This lion was pacing back and forth during the entire service, which caused the cage to move and rock.