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Thursday, February 27,2014

LETTERS | Week of Feb. 27

In a stunning turn of events, readers didnīt like Paul Danishīs most recent column. Find out why.
Thursday, February 20,2014

LETTERS | Week of Feb. 20

Latino history, local elections and toll roads. Hereīs what BW readers want to say this week.
Thursday, February 13,2014

LETTERS | Week of Feb. 13

BW readers sound off about candidates trying to whitewash their records, and the origins of the Spanish Jews.
Thursday, February 6,2014

LETTERS | Week of Feb. 6

Congrats, Danish critiques and more

Paul Danish is correct: politicians are unlikely to compromise when negotiations are public. But his proposal treats a symptom, not the disease.
Thursday, January 23,2014

LETTERS | Week of Jan. 23

We’ve allowed the coming of an age where the civil liberties our forefathers fought so hard for are being eroded by the day. Freedom of press, freedom of speech and freedom of assembly are mere ghostly images of their original intent.
Thursday, January 16,2014

LETTERS| Week of January 16

The pot alarmists were wrong, and so is Danish; itīs this week in BW letters.
Thursday, January 9,2014

LETTERS | Danish trivializes a death

Danish trivializes a death [Re: “Total elapsed time: 80 seconds,” Danish Plan, Dec. 26.] Paul, my only hope is that you don’t actually believe the ridiculous things you say but are merely trying to get a rise out of all the “progressives” here in Boulder.
Thursday, January 2,2014

LETTERS | Week of Jan. 2

Readers that warned the city, think Danish is dead wrong and want you to help ensure Iran doesnīt get nukes.
Thursday, December 26,2013

LETTERS | There goes Danish again

Too bad the historical method did not stay with Mr. Danish after he left school. Logic, cause and effect, substantiation all have their place, and it is to be hoped he would apply these before he unloads on us North Korean sympathizers who disagree that any place and everyplace are fair game for any moneymaking venture, whatever its effects.
Thursday, December 19,2013

Letters | Thanks for fracking coverage

Not only are local property owners subsidizing gas drilling companies’ profits with an uncompensated loss on our investments, but the knock-on effect of reduced property tax revenues to county governments, schools and special districts is another substantial subsidy to the tune.