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Thursday, May 23,2013

Letters | An uphill oil/gas battle

I wish that I could say that I am both surprised and appalled. But I am neither. The behavior of the COGCC and their attorney (the office of the attorney general) are completely consistent with everything that has transpired since members of the public throughout the state have examined the actions of.
Thursday, May 16,2013

Letters | Push Walmart to improve

For all its trumpeted commitment to social-environmental responsibility, Walmart fails to understand this simple truth: Its workers are part of the environment. Treating them all as well as the rest of the Earth it claims to be protecting, and fully honoring their contributions to the company’s success, is the least it can do. And it should do a lot more if it wants to earn our respect and spending dollars.
Thursday, May 9,2013

Letters | Gun billboard is simple

The fact that Native Americans were well-armed, proud and proficient warriors became the very excuse for the White Government to vilify, demonize and ultimately extirpate them. The billboard could more accurately be titled: “Because they wouldn’t turn in their arms, the government had to ‘take care’ of them.”
Thursday, May 2,2013

Letters | Great stuff last week

Great column. Keep it going.
Thursday, April 25,2013

Letters | Love Savage

Thank you, thank you, thank you for carrying Dan Savage’s column Savage Love!!! I usually get the Westword paper just for that column since I live in the mountains above Boulder and your paper is more relevant to me. Now if you could just reinstate the puzzle page with crosswords and sudoku I wouldn’t need the Colorado Daily either, and you would be the perfect paper in the world to me. Thank you also for This Modern World, the only “cartoon” I could ever need.
Thursday, April 18,2013

Letters | Tell Danish about drought

Could somebody explain to Paul Danish that the Front Range climate is semi-arid, and the weather is in the second year of a severe drought which may go on for more years? There isn’t enough water now.
Thursday, April 11,2013

Letters | Danish and fracking

The COGCC and their ally Gov. Hickenlooper want to put the fracking operations ridiculously close to people’s homes and neighborhood. The scientific data is extremely clear that current fracking practices adversely affect the local air and water quality. The impact to home values is also pretty undeniable.
Thursday, April 4,2013

Letters | Marijuana growers should pay more for electricity

These high-use customers drive the need for increased supply, which all customers have to pay for. A gas electric plant costs in the neighborhood of $80 million. Should we all have to pay increased rates, or just the customers who use twice the average or more?
Thursday, March 28,2013

Letters | We could stop an ice age

In “Have we accidentally prevented another ice age?” (Danish Plan, March 21), he supports global warming as preferable to another ice age, but, not being a climatologist, he doesn’t understand that they are not alternatives.
Thursday, March 21,2013

Letters | Don't forget the mercury at Xcel's Valmont plant

You guys hardly mentioned mercury. Fly ash doesn’t get all of it, especially when burning dirty coal.