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Thursday, April 4,2013

Letters | Marijuana growers should pay more for electricity

These high-use customers drive the need for increased supply, which all customers have to pay for. A gas electric plant costs in the neighborhood of $80 million. Should we all have to pay increased rates, or just the customers who use twice the average or more?
Thursday, March 28,2013

Letters | We could stop an ice age

In “Have we accidentally prevented another ice age?” (Danish Plan, March 21), he supports global warming as preferable to another ice age, but, not being a climatologist, he doesn’t understand that they are not alternatives.
Thursday, March 21,2013

Letters | Don't forget the mercury at Xcel's Valmont plant

You guys hardly mentioned mercury. Fly ash doesn’t get all of it, especially when burning dirty coal.
Thursday, March 14,2013

Letters | A miss on municipalization

The BW article “Municipalization minefield” (cover story, Feb. 28) does an excellent job highlighting the economic complexities surrounding the City’s effort to create a municipally owned electric utility, but it lacks in offering a holistic perspective.
Thursday, March 7,2013

Letters | A leguminous error

I hope you didn’t pay for this article. Anyone there doing any editing? Not cool taking a swipe at another city for no apparent reason.
Thursday, February 28,2013

Letters | Erie mayor fracks with nature

Mayor Joe, for numerous weeks I have read your opinions in the Colorado Hometown Weekly and watched you bumble your way through with more name-calling (melodramatic, over-the-top fracktivists, and you even had the audacity to cut down Al Gore.)
Thursday, February 21,2013

Letters | Conspiracy theories are sometimes warranted

Who are the real conspiracy theorists? I can agree with Mr. Dyer that there are nutcases out there, but I suggest he look into who is to blame for an epidemic of conspiracy theorists.
Thursday, February 14,2013

Letters | Knock up Danish

I’d like to see Paul Danish strap on a pregnancy suit for nine months, be induced to vomit every day at least three times for at least three months, then I, as a clinical hypnotherapist, rabbi and mother of three, am happy to hypnotize him through a sensory experience of labor and birth and abortion, and only then see how he compares going to a store to buy a gun with such.
Thursday, February 7,2013

Letters | Walmart in Boulder

We found it was very easy to figure out if there was a Walmart in town: the smaller strip centers and small freestanding businesses were closed in all of the towns where there was a Walmart, without fail. And we figured this out without doing any “research.”
Thursday, January 31,2013

Letters | More on the elk

I am not a resident of Boulder so cannot speak to the legacy of city control, but have aligned in outrage with the conscientious and right-minded citizens of Boulder and formed some impressions concerning the elk murder.