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Thursday, November 1,2012

Letters | Value of independent media

Kudos to Boulder Weekly for embodying Gandhi’s Satyagraha, “insistence on truth.” Without BW we wouldn’t have learned this summer that DA Stan Garnett and City Attorney Tom Carr both lied to disguise how they covered for council members who don’t make mandatory income disclosures, and that City Manager Jane Brautigam won’t make them disclose their income, as required by the City Charter.
Thursday, October 25,2012

Letters | Vote Guide feedback

You have finally made yourself useful by publishing your Vote Guide 2012. Now I know to vote the exact opposite way on every issue and candidate you socialists have endorsed.
Thursday, October 18,2012

Letters | Put DA story in perspective

The DA’s office space has not been significantly improved since 1983. The current $1.7 million request ($300,000 of which is for necessary infrastructure upgrades, such as the electrical system) should be considered in this context.
Thursday, October 11,2012

Letters | CUs fracking study

Fracking is a toxic, industrialized process that is being brought into our residential neighborhoods without knowing all of the hazards beforehand.
Thursday, October 4,2012

Letters | Do not black out ballot bar codes

I have done pretty much every job there is to do in the office during those 12 years and need to say that if voters follow your advice it would be a disaster for voting in Boulder County. Why? Let me count some ways.
Thursday, September 27,2012

Letters | Brilliant reporting

Thank you so much for the brilliant reporting in the Sept. 6-12 issue concerning barcodes/numbers on ballots (“Can your vote be traced?”, cover story).
Thursday, September 20,2012

Letters | Farewell to Uncensored

I’m sitting here wondering just when you creative, political women in Boulder are gonna quit breakin’ my damn heart ... puhleeze.
Thursday, September 13,2012

Letters | A vote for privacy

Boulder Republicans and Libertarians may be silently cheering their Democratic clerk’s bizarre decision.
Thursday, September 6,2012

Letters | Morzel is a true patriot

Right on, Lisa. I believe your letter to the judge regarding Seth shows you to be a true patriot. Even though we don’t agree on many issues, you have my utmost respect. Thank you.
Thursday, August 30,2012

Letters | Danish and sex

As a general rule, conservatives like Danish are sexually repressed. But if there is one thing that will give him an erection, it is unlimited corporate profits — whatever the cost.