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Thursday, July 16,2015

City finds Knollwood Village in violation of fair housing rules

The City of Boulder determined on July 2 that Knollwood Village was in violation of the City’s fair housing rules by enforcing a rule in their covenant that mandated that two or more people could only live in one of the complex’s units if they could prove they were married or similarly related.
Thursday, July 9,2015

Double Standard

The five percent rules for amending city charters and the state constitution vary considerably

By Angela K. Evans
With the upcoming November election, there has been some controversy surrounding the number of petition signatures required to put a charter amendment on the ballot in the City of Boulder. This is sparked, in part, by two proposed amendments by Livable Boulder, a local citizen’s group concerned with the issues of development and growth.
Thursday, July 9,2015

In case you missed it

A group of folks who apparently like Florida Republican senator and presidential hopeful Marco Rubio have put together a $16 million fund to run advertising in support of Rubio.
Thursday, July 9,2015


Mobile park owner speaks out against public claims he retaliated against his critics

By Matt Cortina
After complaints that discrimination and retaliatory tactics were being enforced on Vista Village residents by the park’s management, the Boulder City Council adopted an ordinance and began readings on it in order to provide immediate relief to the mobile park tenants.
Thursday, July 2,2015


Next, Buck got photographed holding a Red, White and Blue AR-15 assault rifle that he actually, not kidding, keeps above a copy of the Second Amendment in his congressional office. He then tried to turn the fact that his irresponsible behavior with his gun caused an investigation.
Thursday, July 2,2015

The state of hate and the impotency and consequences of fighting over the Confederate flag

By Joel Dyer
On June 27, 30-yearold educator and activist Bree Newsome climbed the three-story-high flagpole in front of the South Carolina statehouse in Columbia and pulled down the Confederate battle flag. Her climb was necessitated by the fact the flag was more or less permanently attached to the poll where it flew 24 hours a day with no way of being lowered or flown at half-mast. Until that moment, a piece of cloth with some symbol of the Confederacy had been flying continuously at the South Carolina capitol since 1961.
Thursday, July 2,2015

Two’s company

Tenants in a Boulder housing complex ask the city if requiring multiple renters to be married is discriminatory

By Matt Cortina
Outside a small housing development west of Pearl Street is a sign. The sign welcomes visitors and residents to Knollwood Village and outlines a few rules. The Knollwood Village homeowners association erected it several years ago.
Thursday, June 25,2015

in case you missed it

If you take a gander at, you’ll find a statement from Big Ag Godfather Monsanto expressing how hurt the seed monopoly’s employees are by the words on Neil Young’s new album titled “The Monsanto Years.” According to its message on Billboard, Monsanto says, “Many of us at Monsanto have been and are fans of Neil Young.
Thursday, June 25,2015

The emigration of love, final part

By Rico Moore
From behind the ridge, the sun ignites a cloud in its morph above the cliffs. In one instant, it takes the shape of a familiar face which morphs into another and yet another until a wind wisps, and just as quickly as they appeared, appears a cloud.
Thursday, June 25,2015

The beginning of the end for zero tolerance in schools

Updated Colorado statute allows medical marijuana on school property

By Gavin Dahl
Driven by his frustration with New Jersey’s restrictive medical marijuana program, Ricardo Rivera crowd-funded a research trip to Colorado. He wanted more information about extracting cannabis oil for his daughter and a new law that means sick kids can be treated with medical marijuana on school property.