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Thursday, March 27,2014

No, it’s not the game. It’s the players.

‘Tricked’ documentary challenges stereotypes on domestic sex trafficking

By Elizabeth Miller
It could have been her. That’s what University of Colorado alumnus Elizabeth Woller says she took away from the experience of running the cameras for Tricked, a film about domestic sex trafficking. “This is an American issue. It’s not a Third World issue, it’s an American issue. The film focuses a lot on Colorado because it is a major issue in Colorado, but it’s in every state,” Woller says. “It’s your neighbors. It’s your neighborhood. It’s your city.”
Thursday, March 27,2014

From deliverance to damnation

After Fox News appearance, flood survivor Roy Ortiz faces a deluge of negativity

By Michael de Yoanna
When his silver Pontiac plunged into a river during last September’s floods, Roy Ortiz could not have known the quiet life he had built for his family in Broomfield would soon disappear.
Thursday, March 27,2014

The new moral crusade

Boulder declares war on local bars

By Josh Gross
For months now, Boulder, a town internationally renowned for its craft beer and with a high college population, has been quietly suffering a bureaucratic war on alcohol, and local bar owners are increasingly aware of their status as cannon fodder.
Thursday, March 20,2014

Mystery agenda perplexes critics of U.S. 36 construction finance deal

By Michael de Yoanna
The new private consortium that has been granted the right to finance construction and charge a toll on U.S. 36 could be operating illegally.
Thursday, March 13,2014

A modern day ‘Harvest of Shame’

Today’s blue collar temp laborers face abuses similar to those of migrant farmworkers depicted in iconic 1960 CBS documentary

By Michael Grabell
A ProPublica analysis of millions of workers’ comp claims found that in five states, representing more than a fifth of the U.S. population, temps face a significantly greater risk of getting injured on the job than permanent employees.
Thursday, March 13,2014

America’s dirtiest secret

How billions of barrels of toxic oil and gas waste are falling through regulatory cracks

By Jefferson Dodge and Joel Dyer
Dennis Schum is — or was — a senior mechanical seal repair technician at John Crane, Inc., in Golden, and says he’s been breathing in radioactive particles and dangerous chemicals for years at his workplace.
Thursday, March 6,2014

El Comite de Longmont hosts 5th annual fundraising dinner

State representative and Mexican Consul to speak at grassroots organizations’ dinner

By Caitlin Rockett
This year’s fundraiser will feature music from a local marimba group, a raffle for a Hawaiian kukui nut necklace, and Mexican Consul General Carlos J. Bello Roch and Rep. Jonathan Singer (D-Longmont) as guest speakers
Thursday, March 6,2014

Regulars help save Pumphouse/Red Zone from liquor license loss

By Haley Gray
One of the main reasons Longmont’s Pumphouse Brewery and its sister establishment, The Red Zone, were able to survive nearly two months without a liquor license was the outpouring of support it received from faithful customers who continued dining there despite its dry status.
Thursday, March 6,2014

Expanding outreach

Colorado Friendship plans to serve more communities, provide more services to the needy

By Mallane Dressel
Colorado Friendship started 15 years ago as a National Emergency Response Team, but decided to expand its reach and start these additional programs to better serve the community through continual support.
Thursday, February 27,2014

Report: Fracking likely to exacerbate water shortages

Weld and Garfield counties face shortages

By Haley Gray
Both of these counties face extremely high stress in terms of water scarcity, and both have seen an intense concentration of the water-intensive hydraulic fracturing (fracking) process.