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Thursday, June 12,2014

What could go wrong?

Boulder City Council ignored warnings about Beverage Licensing Authority in October

By Josh Gross
As part of the fall overhaul of the city’s alcohol codes, staff advised the City Council to put the kibosh on the Beverage Licensing Authority. Here's what happened because they didn't.
Thursday, June 5,2014

Boulder Rights of Nature hosts water forum

Local activist group looks to educate Boulder on Colorado’s strained water resources

By Caitlin Rockett
Backed by local activist group Boulder Rights of Nature and the Rocky Mountain Peace and Justice Center, a diverse group of experts, environmentalists and concerned citizens will address a variety of critical water issues facing Boulder, the state and the West at an open forum on June 7.
Thursday, June 5,2014

Ahead of the EPA

Is Colorado proof that the EPA’s new standards can work — or that they’re worthless?

By Elizabeth Miller
The Environmental Protection Agency’s announcement that power plants are going to have to cut carbon dioxide emissions to 30 percent below 2005 levels by 2030 has sparked cries that it’s a recipe for economic woe.
Thursday, June 5,2014

Greeley quake may be related to nearby disposal wells

By Joel Dyer
Part of the confusion that has allowed the industry to escape its responsibility for such quakes has been the language used by many activists who claim that the actual act of fracking a well is causing the quakes.
Thursday, May 29,2014

Natural gas: a bridge to nowhere

A Cornell professor says that new research shows that coal and oil are less harmful to the environment when it comes to greenhouse gases than natural gas

By Caitlin Rockett
The term “bridge fuel” has become a catchphrase for natural gas. In his most recent State of the Union address, President Obama referred to natural gas as the “bridge fuel that can power our economy with less of the carbon pollution that causes climate change.
Thursday, May 29,2014

Why Reps. Polis and DeGette voted against a bill to curb NSA data gathering

By Michael de Yoanna
In a 303 to 121 vote, the House of Representatives passed the USA Freedom Act (House Resolution 3361), sending it to the Senate for consideration. Amid reports of broad government sweeps for Americans’ phone records and other personal information under the George W. Bush and Barack Obama presidential administrations, Sensenbrenner now says, “I authored the Patriot Act, and this is an abuse of that law.”
Thursday, May 29,2014

Los Seis de Boulder

After 40 years, the two car bombings that resulted in the deaths of six young Chicano activists are still the most important unsolved crimes in Boulder County history

By Jefferson Dodge and Joel Dyer
At 9:47 p.m. on May 27, 1974, a car parked near Chautauqua Auditorium in Boulder exploded with so much force that it shook buildings and homes for miles around and could be heard throughout most of the city.
Thursday, May 22,2014

A man without a country

Nick Ortega is having a rude awakening: He isn’t who he always thought he was

By Michael de Yoanna
If you were going to suggest a cast for a reality show about life in the suburbs, you might pick Nick Ortega and his family. His house in Loveland is the stereotypic American dream: two-car garage, neatly trimmed lawn and family pictures in every corner of the living room.
Thursday, May 22,2014

news briefs

A bill known as the Chemicals in Commerce Act, or CICA, is being touted as a way to “improve public confidence in the safety of chemicals,” but environmental groups, as well as 13 state attorneys general, have voiced objections to the act, claiming it does more to protect chemical companies than public health.
Thursday, May 15,2014

Buying in

How the oil and gas industry is backing a fracking-friendly election

By Michael de Yoanna
Though the election is six months away, the oil and gas industry is already plunging millions of dollars into campaigns to quash proposals seeking to give local governments the power to limit or ban fracking. Though those proposals are still forming, scores of ads from energy industry groups with green-sounding names will join those already on air and in print between now and Election Day.