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Thursday, April 23,2015

Queering the classroom

Colorado educators and advocates team up to help bring queer literature into education

By Caitlin Rockett
A group of educators at the University of Colorado Boulder have created a oneof-a-kind event — perhaps the first of its kind in the world. On Saturday, April 25, the Queer Young Adult Literature Conference will bring together educators, middle and high school students, college students, university staff and faculty, and community members to learn more about young adult literature featuring lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer/questioning themes and characters.
Thursday, April 23,2015

black holes

Can conflict reporting survive the digital age?

By Joel Dyer
On April 2, four members of the Somali-based terrorist group al-Shaba stormed the campus of Garissa University in Northern Kenya. By the end of the ensuing standoff with Kenyan authorities, 147 people were dead and another 79 wounded. But why was the university attacked?
Thursday, April 23,2015

Where’s the heat?

Global warming may have slowed, but that doesn’t make it any less real

By Travis Metcalfe
According to a report issued by NASA and the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) earlier this year, 2014 was the warmest year on record, and the top 10 hottest years have all occurred since 1998. But the Earth has been getting warmer more slowly than in previous decades, something that climate change deniers are quick to point out.
Thursday, April 16,2015

In case you missed it

According to Ken Cook, president and co-founder of Environmental Working Group, “When chemical agriculture blankets millions of acres of genetically engineered corn and soybean fields with hundreds of millions of pounds of glyphosate, it’s not a surprise babies are now consuming Monsanto’s signature chemical with breast milk and infant formula.
Thursday, April 16,2015

Good guys gone wrong

Local law enforcement, DA’s office speak to efforts to assist veterans when they have run-ins with the law

By Elizabeth Miller
A soldier eats, sleeps and works all day surrounded by companions who have promised to protect him, people that soldier would die for, and who he has promised to protect at a moment’s notice. “Especially being deployed and being with this core group of people that you’re in a hostile situation with, doing everything with them from sleeping, eating, fighting, using the bathroom — everything — your entire day is based upon that kind of...
Thursday, April 16,2015


I hate my job

I hate my job because … it’s so depressing. I’m not alone. A lot of us hate it. But what can we do? We are who we are. We’ve been put on Earth to serve a purpose. Sadly that service is not of our choosing. Oh, it is not doing the job that I hate. It’s just that, whenever I interact with people, they often end up gagging.
Thursday, April 16,2015


choice to gain your freedom and then so soon give it away. She’d simply packed her trunk and said goodbye. She headed west, leaving footprints like platters in the asphalt, kicking up dust on dirt roads, until the coolness of grass told her she was home.
Thursday, April 16,2015


Laird Hunt is the author of Neverhome, Office at Night, Kind One, The Impossibly, The Paris Stories, Ray of the Star, The Exquisite and Indiana, Indiana. His novel Kind One was a finalist for the 2013 Pen/Faulkner award and the 2013 Pen USA Literary award in Fiction and winner of the 2013 Ainisfield-World Book Award for Fiction. He lives in Boulder and teaches for the University of Denver’s creative writing program.
Friday, April 10,2015

Some folks look for answers

Grateful Dead announce two additional “Fare Thee Well” shows

By Stewart Sallo
When promoter Peter Shapiro became aware of the article I wrote last month, “Ladies and Gentlemen, Not the Grateful Dead,” taking him to task for the way ticket sales were handled for the Grateful Dead’s “Fare Thee Well” shows, scheduled for July 3-5 at Chicago’s Soldier Field, he had two choices: 1. Write it off as the “butthurt whining” of someone who didn’t get tickets (which, just for the record, was not true), or 2. Defend the manner in which ticket sales were conducted, the choice of venue and the way in which these factors served to stimulate the secondary market, causing ticket prices to soar into the thousands.
Thursday, April 9,2015

In case you missed it

Actions: President Obama forced the EPA to kill three investigations that had determined that fracking had contaminated groundwater in three different states. As a result, fracking has proliferated unchecked throughout the U.S.