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Thursday, November 8,2012

Taking care of our least fortunate

By Dave Anderson
In 1992, Rush Limbaugh ridiculed Boulder Mayor Leslie Durgin for saying, “We don’t want to become the kind of community where everyone is white, upper-middle class. ... We really want to have a diverse community.”
Thursday, November 1,2012

Boulder’s foxes in the henhouse

By Jefferson Dodge
At the beginning of Boulder City Council’s Oct. 23 study session on ethics and financial reporting, council member Tim Plass asked the most valuable question of the night.
Thursday, November 1,2012

Towns fight back against fracking

By Sharon Guynup
A growing boom in natural gas drilling near homes and schools prompted the city of Longmont to vote last July to bar new oil and gas permits in residential neighborhoods. The state quickly overturned the ordinance.
Thursday, October 25,2012

The City of Boulder’s pot power grab

By Cecelia Gilboy
Some voters oppose Amendment 64 because it gives local governments too much power. The city of Boulder opposes it because it doesn’t give them enough.
Thursday, October 11,2012

Colorado's Amendment 64: How the amendment affects the state's budget

Amendment 64, marijuana and how big money affects small business in Colorado

By Cecelia Gilboy
Amendment 64 isn’t about legalizing marijuana. It’s about money.
Thursday, October 11,2012

Walmart’s workers unite

Company’s labor violations appalling

By Dave Anderson
Walmart is the largest private employer on the planet. The uber-retailer turned 50 this year, and it’s had a somewhat unhappy birthday.
Thursday, February 9,2012

A fracking threat to children

By Robyn O'Brien
We’ve all seen (or at least heard of) the movie Erin Brockovich, in which a bold and fiercely determined mom takes on a chemical company for exposing a small town and the families and children that live there to toxic chemicals that have been linked to cancer. It’s Academy Award-winning material. And it’s happening again.
Thursday, September 29,2011

The death penalty: Are we getting it right?

By Lynne Varner
The idea of Georgia inmate Troy Davis lying on a gurney in an agonizing wait for nine justices hundreds of miles away to resolve in a single-sentence statement that he should in fact die — even if innocent — should be enough to give pause to the most ardent supporters of the death penalty.
Thursday, September 29,2011

Stand up for democracy

Vote ‘yes’ on 2H

By Carolyn Bninski
The limitations on corporations were very intentional on the part of the founders of this country who had been exploited and oppressed by corporations chartered by the king of England.
Thursday, September 8,2011

The racial wounds of 9/11

By Deepa Iyer
On Sept. 11, I was a 28-year-old attorney working for the Department of Justice. I remember being evacuated from my federal office building that morning, and later heading across the 14th Street Bridge to my home in Arlington, Va. I could hardly believe the sight of the Pentagon building with smoke billowing from it and a large hole in its side.