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Thursday, September 2,2010

Amendments 60, 61 and 101 would be disastrous

By Oakland L. Childers
Its an interesting stance to take, given the cult-like secrecy that surrounds her side of the debate. An Aug. 30 story in The Denver Post says Menten became enraged by the proposed language describing the three measures to be used in the Blue Book because it offered an example of what would happen to the states budget if all three were passed.
Thursday, August 19,2010

Attack on 14th Amendment: Its wrong

By Gregory Rodriguez
Just when you thought the Republican far-right had enough enemies to keep itself busy gays, socialists, Muslims, Arabs, illegal immigrants it launched a new war against babies dropped (in the loving words of South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham) by illegal immigrant mothers.
Thursday, June 24,2010

Arizona's immigration law

Washington should stay out of the fight

By Tamar Jacoby
The Obama administration is considering suing Arizona to block implementation of its harsh new immigration enforcement measure, SB 1070. The Justice Department doesnt have much time barring a judicial stay, the law goes into effect July 29 and a decision, to sue or not to sue, is expected any day.
Thursday, June 10,2010

How to be smarter about SmartRegs

By Jon Miller
The current SmartRegs proposal is designed to coerce property owners to do extensive and expensive upgrades without any creative financing or rebates. Rebates and energy savings, if any, would flow to tenants. This is called split financing. It doesnt work.
Thursday, May 13,2010

A wake-up call to us all

By Michael Brune
What I saw while flying over the Gulf waters Wednesday, and what we've all been watching on television the past two weeks, is no spill.
Wednesday, March 3,2010

Close call in Chile

By David Accomazzo
I spent mid - December to mid - February backpacking around South America, spending about two weeks in Peru, four in Chile, and two in Argentina. Disaster followed me wherever I went.
Thursday, February 4,2010

State of the Union: What I needed to hear

By Adrienne Saia Isaac
I felt great after the Jan. 27 State of the Union address. Maybe it was because I rode the stationary bike at the gym while I watched President Barack Obama speak, but I don’t think it’s that simple, especially since I hate going to the gym.
Wednesday, February 3,2010

'Don't ask, don't tell' should end now

By McClatchy-Tribune News Service
On Tuesday, the Defense Department unveiled its "don't ask, don't tell" reform plan. The strategy is simple: slow progress toward ending a policy, and repealing a law, that doesn't work.
Tuesday, February 2,2010

A Super Bowl ad we can do without

By McClatchy-Tribune News Service
Today, there are few corners of our communal life untouched by rancorous political division. CBS guaranteed that there will be one less when it broke with long-standing tradition and sold an evangelical Christian group time in which to air an antiabortion ad during this year's Super Bowl. If this were a football game rather than life — or, at least, commerce — it's the kind of ruling you'd want to send up to the box for a review of the call on the field.
Tuesday, January 19,2010

Obama, like past leaders, a slow starter

By Dick Polman
Happy first anniversary, Barack Obama. Although happy is probably the wrong word. When he took the oath last Jan. 20 — nearly one year ago — Obama reiterated his campaign promise to be a transformational president who would cure our ills and cleanse our politics. In his inauguration speech, he proclaimed "unity of purpose over conflict and discord," and an end to "the petty grievances ... the recriminations, and worn-out dogmas."