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Thursday, January 7,2010

They still don't love us

By Frida Ghitis
If you thought America would quickly regain the world’s love, admiration and — most important — willingness to follow the U.S. lead once Barack Obama came to power, the news is disappointing. A useful guide to what has transpired comes from Venezuela’s president and his most peculiar sulfurometer. Hugo Chavez, it seems, can smell the devil, especially when the Prince of Darkness takes up residence in the body of an American president.
Thursday, December 10,2009

One good treaty deserves another

By Gerry Leape
As world leaders gather in Copenhagen, Denmark, to address the challenges of climate change, it’s worth reminding ourselves that while outcomes for such efforts are not guaranteed, sometimes they work. One example can be seen in the Antarctic Treaty — a landmark environmental pact signed 50 years ago this month. For while Antarctica today seems a vast, peaceful land reserved for emperor penguins and intrepid polar scientists, the case was quite different, once upon a time.
Wednesday, November 25,2009

Inspiring ideas missing in Palin's book

By E. Thomas McClanahan
She is incontestably sincere. She is driven and gutsy. In Alaska, she took on the old bulls in her own party and won. For many, she embodies that strain of populism that believes an ordinary person, plucked from obscurity, can sometimes do extraordinary things.
Thursday, November 12,2009

Domestic violence: A private matter?

By Pamela White
Perhaps it’s time to retire the term “domestic violence.” It seems that some folks still believe it’s somehow different than regular, ordinary old violence.
Thursday, October 15,2009

The cold realities of a complicated conflict


By Frida Ghitis
You may expect to see squalor and desolation in the city that serves as the capital for the Palestinian Authority. Instead, you have to work your way through a bustling downtown of crowded streets and impenetrable traffic jams, complete with vibrant commerce.
Thursday, October 8,2009

Criminalizing us all

By Brian W. Walsh
"You don't need to know. You can't know." That'ss what Kathy Norris, a 60-year-old grandmother of eight, was told in October 2003 when she asked court officials why federal agents had subjected her home to a furious search.
Thursday, October 1,2009

For kids' health, Ronald McDonald and Joe Camel both deserve the boot

As part of an effort to snuff out youth smoking, selling candy-, fruit- and spice-flavored cigarettes is now illegal in the United States. The ban went into effect earlier this month.
Thursday, September 17,2009

Single-payer health care is the answer

By Oliver Fein
President Obama sold single-payer health care short in his speech to Congress. It's actually the only sensible solution to our health care crisis.
Thursday, September 17,2009

Zombie conservatives at the schoolhouse door

By Rod Dreher
Last week, the president delivered an education speech that fell somewhat short of the standard set by Lenin in his address at the Finland Station, launching the Bolshevik Revolution. In fact, Barack Obama told America's schoolchildren to work hard, respect their teachers and take responsibility for their own success.