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Thursday, October 4,2012

An authentic Chicago dog, hold the ketchup

By Clay Fong
The finer points of the Chicago-style hot dog have always been a bit cryptic for me.
Thursday, September 27,2012

An ambitious take on Mexican at Agave Mexico Bistro

By Clay Fong
Usual suspects such as tacos, enchiladas and tamales are readily available. But there are also more distinctive offerings such as grilled seafood plates and vegetarian dishes featuring breaded cauliflower or chile-simmered cactus.
Thursday, September 20,2012

Indian street food in Lafayette

By Clay Fong
Chaat is savory Indian street food, and it’s also something that has become increasingly available at local eateries like Boulder’s Jai Ho and Tiffins. Lafayette’s Krishna Kafe is the newest purveyor of these subcontinental specialties.
Thursday, September 13,2012

Back to the basics

Simple staples of burgers, biscuits and gravy deliver at Hygiene’s Crane Hollow

By Clay Fong
Mara had a bee in her bonnet vis a vis biscuits. Solicitous friend that I am, I proposed a weekend morning’s excursion to Hygiene, where we could sample the rustic charms of the Crane Hollow Cafe.
Thursday, September 6,2012

Power lunching on Pearl for $10

By Clay Fong
"A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds,” famously wrote Ralph Waldo Emerson. Perhaps a modern corollary to this pearl of wisdom is “A foolish inconsistency is the hobgoblin of short-lived restaurateurs.”
Thursday, August 30,2012

A farmhouse kitchen and pub

By Clay Fong
This new self-styled farmhouse kitchen and pub distinguishes itself by offering locavore small plates as well as a relatively affordable prix fixe menu spotlighting ingredients from Chef Eric Skokan’s farm.
Thursday, August 23,2012

Brunch at Boulder’s Brasserie Ten Ten

By Clay Fong
Seated at a sunny outdoor table so as to best emulate a Parisian sidewalk experience, we began with full-bodied cups of $2.50 coffee.
Thursday, August 16,2012

A classic diner standby still delivers

By Clay Fong
The energetic cooks and servers here are a friendly yet efficient lot, and the menu holds few surprises for a breakfast and lunch joint. Offerings include a full complement of egg dishes ranging from single egg, bacon and toast kids specials for $4 to $8 jumbosized helpings of huevos rancheros.
Thursday, August 9,2012

Mainlining cured meats and cheeses

By Clay Fong
Back in the ’70s, Dad would often return from overseas business trips with his battered black briefcase freighted not with paperwork, but culinary treasures. Returning from Lisbon, Dad once brought back an enigmatic hunk of salted meat. “It’s Portuguese prosciutto,” he explained, “and it’s illegal in the United States.”
Thursday, August 2,2012

Burgers and shakes with style

By Clay Fong
I used to mess with my friend Andrew by feeding him false reports that a popular burger and milkshake chain had set up shop in Colorado. As it turns out, that chain now does have a Denver-area outpost, but it’s far enough away to require advanced planning, and who wants to deal with that?