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Thursday, January 6,2011

House cure for the common appetite

By Clay Fong
On a recent chilly Saturday morning, I found this setting even more hospitable as I happily took a seat next to the warming fireplace. While I studied the menu, I decided to give a $4 house chai a shot. While I'm partial to more spicy versions such as Bhakti's ginger-infused nectar, I appreciated the mellower qualities of Aion's take.
Thursday, December 30,2010

Add Salt to your list

By Clay Fong
Our friendly server quickly produced copies of the lunch menu, although there was a noticeable lag before she took our orders. The addition of a server or two would prevent such delays, although we did find comfort in a plateful of rustic bread.
Thursday, December 23,2010

It's menudo time again

By Clay Fong
With snow starting to fall on the ground, and the end of the year drawing near, I realized it was time to exercise a holiday tradition, the annual consumption of a bowl of menudo. This Mexican tripe stew, a special-occasion dish and supposed folk remedy for hangovers, isn't for everyone.
Thursday, December 16,2010

Old reliable May Wah

By Clay Fong
Outside of Chinatowns and Asian communities, theres a reassuring predictability to whats on the menu at what one can categorize as Chinese-American restaurants. These arent places to get jellyfish appetizers, preserved duck egg congee or black bean oysters.
Thursday, December 9,2010

Niwot's gourmet pizzeria delivers

By Clay Fong
The resemblance to New England establishments also extends to the menu. The bill of fare here consists of the expected pizza, as well as subs, calzones and pasta plates, including the requisite baked ziti.
Thursday, December 2,2010

Alice's retro diner charm

By Clay Fong
It's too cold for a fair-weather cyclist to ride, and there's not enough snow to go skiing. So what to do? In the run-up to the hectic holidays, a leisurely weekend breakfast sounded like just the ticket. So I decided to explore Longmont's Aunt Alice's Kitchen.
Wednesday, November 24,2010

Solid Italian for a song

By Clay Fong
Il Pastaios a petite spot situated a stones throw from the 30th Street King Soopers. While it can be crowded during peak meal times, it retains a cozy, casual, caf%u9B6Cike atmosphere. Lunch-time ordering takes place at the counter, where alreadyprepared courses sit in a steam table, ready to be served on demand.
Thursday, November 18,2010

Good ol' pub fare

By Clay Fong
While posters and memorabilia clearly appeal to a testosterone-fueled football and Ultimate Fighting crowd, the lunch hour is placid, highlighted by an efficient and understated-yet-still-attentive server.
Thursday, November 11,2010

The classic, comforting deli sandwich

By Clay Fong
As prosaic as it is, the humble sandwich can possess comforting if not tranquilizing qualities. Consider the Peacemaker, a New Orleans specialty consisting of a baguette stuffed with fried oysters. Husbands in the region would give these to their spouses as a way of making amends after a night of boozing and who knows what else.
Thursday, November 4,2010

Nice pupusas

By Clay Fong
While most people have bad dreams about missing final exams or involuntarily appearing naked in front of a crowd, the foodies nightmare is different. A dedicated diners disturbing visions revolve around discovering the perfect ethnic hole-in-the-wall, known but to a few.