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Thursday, May 12,2011

Like a trip to the Middle East

By Clay Fong
Visiting Boulder’s Arabesque, which features first-rate Middle Eastern food, I was fortunate enough to be joined by Ghada, who grew up in Lebanon eating Arabic food. She helped me better appreciate the subtle and authentic touches during lunch at this homey, family-owned operation. The owner does the cooking, while her husband assumes host duties; their adult children help out with waiting tables.
Thursday, May 5,2011

Experiencing Boulder Baked

By Clay Fong
Open from four in the afternoon until midnight, Boulder Baked is a no-frills joint, with at-the-counter ordering and a slightly funky feel. It's also centrally located on Broadway in the heart of downtown.
Thursday, April 28,2011

Frasca's little brother shines

By Clay Fong
A couple of years back, Fiat, Ferrari's parent company, introduced a diminutive vehicle, the Abarth 695 Tributo Ferrari.
Thursday, April 21,2011

Culinary ambition in north Boulder

By Clay Fong
At both lunch and dinner, the menu is divided into small plates, soups, salads, burgers and entrees. Entrees range from house-made pasta with red sauce to formidable duck confit cassoulet. Consigliere Keith and I sought out a hearty lunch to kick off the work week, and 4580's offerings appeared to be positioned to satisfy our needs.
Thursday, April 14,2011

A slice of Italy

By Clay Fong
Some local Italian restaurants trace their culinary lineage back to the venerable Americanized red sauce haunts of San Francisco or the East Coast. Alternatively, they may possess a more direct link to the old country without the hindrance of flavors compromised to suit New World palates.
Thursday, April 7,2011

Something for everyone

By Clay Fong
Avexing of diminutive slider size. A product of genderbias, culinary conundrum revolves around A&W's sizing scheme for its hamburgers. It was easy enough to figure out the Baby Burger's place in the pecking order, as it was the Mama Burger was larger, but it was overshadowed by the two male burgers, the most problematic of the lot.
Thursday, March 31,2011

Indian food, buffet style

By Clay Fong
A friendly server of few words showed us to our table. After ordering beverages, we began our reconnaissance of the buffet table, which was comfortingly familiar in its offerings. There was the usual assortment of cut-up fresh fruit and salad fixings as well as anticipated hot items like vegetable korma and chicken curry.
Thursday, March 24,2011

The return of succulent sushi

By Clay Fong
About a year ago, I was dismayed to learn that Longmont's Ichiban was suspending its sushi and sashimi service, as this was perhaps my favorite spot for variations on the raw fish theme. I was out of sorts until learning that a retooled version of Ichiban reopened late last fall with sushi Sensei John back at the helm.
Thursday, March 17,2011

Latin health food

By Clay Fong
Most dishes here are South American, with a particular focus on Venezuela and Colombia. Arepa, a cornmeal cake stuffed with a variety of fillings, is a signature offering here. There's also bean and rice bowls served with salsa and smooth Venezuelan guacamole, as well as fried yucca root appetizers.
Thursday, March 10,2011

Cafe meets bistro in Longmont

By Clay Fong
A friend recently analogized that Boulder is to Longmont as Manhattan is to Brooklyn. From a dining standpoint, there's more than a grain of truth in this analogy. Boulder, like Manhattan, has more than its fair share of press-worthy, high-buck eateries whose prices are driven in no small part by premium real estate values.