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Tuesday, December 30,2014

Over the forest, through the woods

Westfalen Hof is worth the trip

By Matt Cortina
Winding up snowy Coal Creek Canyon on the winter solstice, I’m gripping the wheel like my Dad in traffic on Christmas Eve trying to get to my grandparents’ house before he implodes.
Thursday, December 18,2014

How to mingle

Naked Lunch packs bold flavors into classic sandwiches

By Matt Cortina
The reuben was pleasant; nothing overbearing in it, nothing too quiet. The bread was undertoasted and it was short on rye, but it held up remarkably well given a healthy amount of cole slaw (which replaced the traditional sauerkraut) and Thousand Island dressing.
Thursday, December 11,2014

Top chefs

Blackbelly Market proves there is life after reality television

By Josh Gross
Blackbelly’s interior is tile, wood and piping, giving the decor a comfortable and solid feel, somewhere between a brightly lit corner shop and a neigh borhood pub. The kitchen is exposed, separated from the dining area only by a counter seating area similar to a diner.
Thursday, December 4,2014

The secret

Dagabi Cucina is basquetastic on the sly

By Josh Gross
Not because the food isn’t fantastic, but because while most Boulder restaurants are clustered in one of the city’s two walking neighborhoods, or in major-roadway stripmalls you could easily wander into, Dagabi Cucina is tucked away in the back spot...
Monday, December 1,2014

The frontier

The North End at 4580 brings the taste of the urban core to the fringes

By Josh Gross
Boulder’s strict growth boundaries make heading north on Broadway a bit of a cliffdrop, with the city ending abruptly as the street y’s into U.S. 36. But nestled right up against the edge is a restaurant that would be as at home in the urban core as it is on the fringes: The North End at 4580.
Thursday, November 20,2014


The culinary conundrum of Lyfe Kitchen

By Josh Gross
Regardless of whether you’re on Team Offal, Team Slow Food or Team Molecular Gastronomy, a consistent theme in modern culinary thought is the idea of rejecting an industrialized food system, either to maximize the variety of experience, source effectively, or have an intimate knowledge of what you are eating in order to better hack your metabolism.
Thursday, November 13,2014

Upstairs and upscale

Spruce does justice to the revamped Hotel Boulderado

By Josh Gross
The large bowl of caramelized brussels sprouts from the small plates menu ($7) is another standout dish, taking something decidedly unexciting on the surface and making it sing through thoughtful preparation and seasoning. Take note parents: this is how you make kids not just eat, but demand brussels sprouts.
Thursday, November 6,2014

In need of a warm up

Ella Fine Diner is a double-sweatered sword on a cold day

By Josh Gross
However, on that visit, Ella was only marginally less chilly than the great outdoors. Perhaps my dining companion and I were just seated in a drafty corner, or the heat was just down.
Thursday, October 30,2014

That place

Finally making it into Rincon Del Sol after months of driving by

By Josh Gross
Though the specific locale is different for everyone, we all have that place, the one you drive past nearly everywhere you go, thinking to yourself, “I should stop in some time,” but keep driving past for at least another six to eight months. You know where I’m talking about.
Thursday, October 23,2014

Why do they even give you chopsticks?

Motomaki makes sushi for the burrito crowd

By Josh Gross
The rapid-service sushi joint offers 12 different rolls, or the choice to design your own. All are available as bowls, but are intended to be served as burrito-sized hand rolls, wrapped in foil and halved. It’s the perfect example of what Steve Jobs meant when he said the job of entrepreneurs was to provide what consumers didn’t yet know they wanted.