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Thursday, November 14,2013

Going guilty at Dish Gourmet

Among neat, thoughtful sandwiches, brisket stands out

By Ruth Tobias
From the antique pantry at the entrance of Dish Gourmet to the colorful blackboard menu mounted above the deli counter, the wee corner nook has the rustic farm-stand look this town wears so well — and the sandwiches in which it specializes are likewise crammed with the stuff of good, clean living.
Thursday, November 7,2013

Comfort and warmth in Arabesque's kitchen

By Grace Boyle
Arabesque’s small, sun-lit restaurant evokes that same special kind of inviting kitchen that wraps you up, enveloping you in warmth as soon as you enter.
Thursday, October 31,2013

A refreshing take on a tequila bistro

By Blair Madole
Sweet and spicy mole sauce, crunchy peanuts and tangy pickled red onions — the chicken mole taco at Tahona Tequila Bistro says everything you need to know about this downtown Pearl locale: It’s well-executed, vibrant and unique, and it’s best experienced with a margarita in hand.
Thursday, October 24,2013

Classy doesn't have to be pricey

By Cayte Bosler
You know a restaurant is truly farm-to-table when the menu has to be printed daily. Don’t worry. The paper gets recycled.
Thursday, October 17,2013

Can’t complain

Il Pastaio’s genuine Italian is a marvelous success

By Ruth Tobias
As applied to restaurants no less than to novels or films, the adjective “critic-proof ” is usually a backhanded compliment, acknowledging the consumer savvy rather than the craftsmanship of the producer in question.
Thursday, October 10,2013

An overdone riff

By Blair Madole
The word “riff” implies improvisation and excitement. It instantly brings to mind a memorable guitar solo, and applied to food, the expectation for something inspiring. Unfortunately, in the case of Riffs Urban Fare, there is such a thing as too much riffing.
Thursday, October 3,2013

In bee-tween

Beehive is somewhere between upscale and farmhouse dining

By Ruth Tobias
After taking a head count on my most recent visit to the Beehive and arriving at a grand total of 20 women and four babies to only two men, I found myself rushing home to watch Fried Green Tomatoes for the first time in years.
Thursday, September 26,2013

Cheaper than a plane ticket to Japan

Izakaya Amu offers authentic cuisine, atmosphere

By Cayte Bosler
From the owner of Sushi Zanmai comes an interpretation of upscale Japanese cuisine. Don’t expect to get away with your American version of Japanese dining: There are no California rolls or edamame — and you have to take your shoes off. It’s only polite.
Thursday, September 19,2013

Savor El Salvador

Exotic cuisine is comforting at Pupusas Sabor Hispano

By Ruth Tobias
Comfort food’s a tricky concept. When it entered the popular lexicon a couple of decades ago, the term applied mainly to meat loaf, tuna casserole and other suburban midcentury staples; today, reflecting shifts in the American culinary landscape, it could as easily encompass Vietnamese pho, Canadian poutine and chicken tikka masala.
Thursday, September 12,2013

Home, sweet Zoe

By Blair Madole
Tucked among the big names and Americanized menus on West Pearl sits a rare find in downtown Boulder: authenticity.