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Thursday, October 10,2013

She needed her space

Sandra Bullock owns 'Gravity'

By Ryan Syrek
Bullock’s dizzyingly complex performance in a film that is as thrilling as it is culturally resonant does make Gravity something hella special.
Thursday, October 3,2013

Race scar drivers

'Rush' shows Formula 1's collateral damage

By Ryan Syrek
Director Ron Howard and writer Peter Morgan ask a good question with Rush, which is: What kind of broken human beings strap themselves to a rocket-coffin?
Thursday, September 26,2013

Hugh catch a predator?

Prisoners goes medieval on Paul Dano%u2028

By Ryan Syrek
If you like smiling and aren’t criminally demented, Prisoners is a damn rough watch.
Thursday, September 19,2013

SeaWorld can suck it

'Blackfish' is a one-note wake-up call

By Ryan Syrek
Breaking news: You know those giant, majestic, ocean-dwelling creatures with the first name “killer?” Turns out if you lock them in tiny spaces, it kills them, and if you get in with them, they kill you.
Thursday, September 12,2013

A bit plain, Jane

'Austenland' is sweet but simple

By Ryan Syrek
Since Stephanie “Twilight” Meyers is a producer on Austenland, the following question is fair game: Why are readers who fangirl out about Mr. Darcy from Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice embraced or applauded while devotees of whatever-that-sparkly-vampire-dude’s-name-was are chided?
Thursday, September 12,2013

Looking to illuminate: The DocuWest Film Festival

DocuWest festival aims for the ah-ha moment

By Dylan Owens
Documentary film festivals can be a hard sell. You don’t get the star power that goes with fictional films, the impossibly dramatic moments, or the singularly well-crafted denouement that wraps the whole thing up into one resonant piece. The documentary is all about stories.
Thursday, September 12,2013

New era for Boulder's International Film Series

Film series kicks off season showcasing brand new digital cinema projection equipment

By David Accomazzo
When 2013 wraps up, it will mark the last year major Hollywood releases films on 35 mm.
Thursday, September 5,2013

Close to something

'20 Feet from Stardom' orbits greatness

By Ryan Syrek
In one of the most insightful, clever comments in a movie surprisingly devoid of insightful, clever comments, backup singer Janice Pendarvis notes, “When you think about the history of pop music and all the memorable hooks that most people sing along with, they’re singing along with us most of the time.”
Thursday, August 29,2013

Vacant lots

'The Bling Ring' is purposefully empty

By Ryan Syrek
Writer/director Sofia Coppola has made a movie that says nothing about people with nothing interesting to offer who steal from famous people who do nothing to be famous. And unless you’re a talk-show conspiracy theorist, it’s kind of hard to get too worked up about that much nothing.
Thursday, August 22,2013

'This isn’t a comic book'

'Kick-Ass 2' is totally a comic book

By Ryan Syrek
Since we last left Dave Lizewski, aka Kick-Ass (Aaron Taylor-Johnson), the world’s first “real” superhero, the idea has spread like herpes at the resorts where they film those MTV competition shows.