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Thursday, January 30,2014

Alexander Payne's sweet stakes

Nebraska is a ‘feel nice’ trip

By Ryan Syrek
Nebraska is Payne’s fourth consecutive “reflections on an average white male life while on the road” film. When Woody (Bruce Dern), a crotchety wisp of an elderly man, gets a magazine sweepstakes letter telling him he “won” a million dollars, his increasingly addled mind becomes obsessed with it.
Thursday, January 30,2014

International Film Series prepares a program of kung fu and musicals

Musicals, hormones and more abound at International Film Series

By Nadia Mishkin
All films will be shown in the Muenzinger Auditorium on the CU campus except for films shown in partnership with Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, which will be shown on Thursdays in the Visual Arts Complex basement auditorium, also on campus.
Thursday, January 23,2014

Watch This

Bettie Page Reveals All

The Dairy Center is adding a little extra onto a documentary called Bettie Page Reveals All, Thursday, Jan. 23, Friday, Jan. 24. and Saturday, Jan. 25. In conjunction with the screenings, the Dairy Center is featuring a small exhibition of pinup photography in its galleries.
Thursday, January 16,2014

Bright Phoenix

Her looks at automating the frequency of the human heart

By Ryan Syrek
The most laughable part of Her isn’t the complex, sophisticated romantic relationship between a man and his software operating system; it’s the high-waisted, Clint Eastwood-esque pants everybody wears.
Thursday, January 9,2014

Saving Mr. Banks is a bankrupt effort

Story of making Mary Poppins nearly a horror movie for artists

By Ryan Syrek
Director John Lee Hancock isn’t Joseph Goebbels or Leni Riefenstahl by any stretch, but Saving Mr. Banks is as close to corporate propaganda as can be legally released in theaters.
Thursday, January 2,2014

Almost a film

'Almost in Love' is a long cinema experiment

By David Accomazzo
Director Sam Neave tells the tale of a doomed love triangle through two 40-minute-long shots, the first at a barbecue hosted by Sasha (Alex Karpovsky) and the second at his wedding party.
Thursday, December 26,2013

Ron Burgundy is evil

But ‘Anchorman 2’ is great

By Ryan Syrek
Just like last time, the story is almost a nuisance. In the early 1980s, Ron and Veronica (Christina Applegate) are a successful husbandand-wife news anchoring team, until she gets a promotion and he doesn’t. Because he’s shallow and petty, he abandons his wife and son to wallow in whiskey.
Thursday, December 26,2013

'Love Actually'

Against all odds, Love Actually has sort of, kind of, maybe become a holiday classic. On one eventful Christmas in England, something like 500 couples, including Professor Snape, magically fall in love.
Thursday, December 19,2013

Breathe in the Smaug

‘The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug’ is still fresh

By Ryan Syrek
The story is just so much richer, as it doesn’t stop at “Baddie McEvil tries to destroy the world.” We join Bilbo and his dwarf buddies as they are nearing the secret entrance to the home they were forced to abandon on the grounds of “Oh, dear God, that’s a fire breathing dragon,” which is an understandable reason to break a lease.
Thursday, December 19,2013

Best and worst movies of 2013

Don't make me choose!

By Ryan Syrek
The only thing worse than years virtually free of good movies are years when I could make a top 10 list from the films I cut from my final top 10 list. What I’m sayin’ is: 2013 was real, real good, y’all.