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Thursday, November 6,2014

Laugh is a battlefield

Injured veterans use standup comedy to heal in ‘Comedy Warriors’

By Josh Gross
The film’s director, John Wager, had been doing film work with the Wounded Warrior Project. Most of it was focused on adaptive sports for injured vets.
Thursday, October 30,2014

Yes, they mean you

‘Dear White People’ is a must-see for us all

By Ryan Syrek
Thrill-seekers live for the rush that comes from defying death; adrenaline is the body’s chemical “thank you” for keeping it alive. Somehow, that’s the sensation I got watching Dear White People, writer/ director Justin Simien’s declaration that he didn’t come to half-ass it. Audacious, overly ambitious, challenging and understandably flawed, Dear White People may be the most important conversation about race you’ve never seen, heard or had.
Thursday, October 23,2014

‘Fury’ is missing fast

War is hella slow

By Ryan Syrek
The film’s opening text sets hopes impossibly high for self-awareness, describing the timing near the end ofá World War II and the superiority of the German tanks.
Thursday, October 16,2014

Fight the power

Panahi defies Iran once more with ‘Closed Curtain’

By Michael J. Casey
In 2010, after arrests for civil disobedience, Panahi was sentenced to six years of house arrest and a 20-year ban on filmmaking. Iranian director Jafar Panahi, never one to play by the rules, continued practicing his craft, even though his movies would never play in his native land, and could land him a much stricter punishment if he were caught.
Thursday, October 9,2014

Everyone is awful

‘Gone Girl’ does not recommend marriage

By Ryan Syrek
Nick’s only allies are his twin sister, Margo (Carrie Coon), and high-profile defense lawyer Tanner Bolt (Tyler Perry).
Thursday, October 2,2014

Swimming in the Laika

‘The Boxtrolls’ is more stop-motion fun

By Ryan Syrek
From Ray Harryhausen’s Medusa to Henry Selick’s Jack Skellington, stopmotion animation is just frickin’ cool, yo. Maybe it’s the meticulous nature of the art form, with each tiny gesture by a character necessitating dozens of miniscule movements and hours of work from animators.
Thursday, September 18,2014

Get Fassbent

‘Frank’ is proof Michael Fassbender can’t be stopped

By Ryan Syrek
So the whole time, Michael Fassbender wears this giant, papier-mache-style head and mumble-sings gibberish lyrics about things like snags in the carpet while other people play instruments they created out of things like toothbrushes. Welcome to Frank,.
Thursday, September 11,2014

A feast for the eyes

Masterpieces of Polish Cinema, 35mm and more

By Michael J. Casey
Now in his 17th season as IFS Director, Pablo Kj°lseth is extremely excited with the picks and guests he has lined up for the fall slate. Kj°lseth has been watching movies at IFS since 1980, and programming them since 1997. He is a man on a mission to make sure that quality cinema does not go gently into that good night.
Thursday, September 4,2014

Activism with an authentic flavor

ALEF, ‘Go For Sisters’ & Edward James Olmos

By Michael J. Casey
The Dairy Center for the Arts is doing something unique, so pay attention. The Americas Latino Eco-Festival Film Forum covers three continents (North and South America and Antarctica), provides a much-needed voice for the Latino community, discusses political and human interests and addresses a multitude of ecological issues.
Thursday, September 4,2014

listen up!

Same-sex marriage is now sweeping across the country, but the first same-sex couples to be legally married were hitched here in Boulder all the way back In 1975 when then Boulder County Clerk Clela Rorex issued marriage licenses to six same-sex couples.