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Thursday, November 7,2013

Get a whiff of 'synthetic biology'

By Jim Hightower
It’s always inspiring to see global corporate giants crush small farmers, stomp on nature, circumvent our laws by hook or crook, and deceive and gouge consumers.
Thursday, October 31,2013

Monsanto's World Food Farce

By Jim Hightower
It was my privilege to go to Des Moines, Iowa, recently for a World Food Prize extravaganza recognizing Monsanto’s work against global hunger. But wait, Monsanto is not a hunger fighter, it’s a predatory proliferator of proprietary GMO seeds.
Thursday, October 24,2013

A tomato tale that's hard to stomach

By Jim Hightower
"I’m 98 percent confident we can make a tomato that tastes substantially better,” Professor Harry Klee recently exulted to The New York Times.
Thursday, October 17,2013

A Congress of comics: Laugh 'til it hurts

By Jim Hightower
And now, Dr. Hightower offers this advice for improving your mental health: Don’t fume about the GOP’s lunatic effort to kill health care reform — just laugh at their farcical show.
Thursday, October 10,2013

The agonizingly slow pace of a fast food giant

By Jim Hightower
The appeal of fast food chains has not been their food (mostly fat, salty, sugary, empty-calorie blah), but their speed.
Thursday, October 3,2013

Tilling our public treasury

By Jim Hightower
Some aspects of American agriculture are quite odd. For example, to meet a farmer these days, there’s no need for you to venture out to the hinterland — because thousands of them actually are city slickers.
Thursday, September 26,2013

Roast, grill, and fry this chicken — then toss it out

By Jim Hightower
An old country saying notes: “You can’t make chicken salad out of chicken manure.” However, President Obama’s department of agriculture intends for us to give it a try.
Thursday, September 19,2013

Snuggling with an oil pipeline

By Jim Hightower
Both the old and new media agree on this: If you need a story that’s guaranteed to be popular — go with animals. Kute kittens, for example, or the P-group of puppies, porpoises, penguins and polar bears.
Thursday, September 12,2013

The 'Climate Name Change' campaign

By Jim Hightower
Environmental groups tend to be a bit grim-faced, since they’re constantly confronting industrial uglies that range somewhere between awful and apocalyptic. So it’s a treat when one of them turns impishly playful, as a group of climate change activists called 350 Action recently did.
Thursday, September 5,2013

USA: low wage nation or good jobs nation?

By Jim Hightower
However, that hasn’t worked out to be a positive for his legacy, since Reagan’s edifice now stands as a model of private profiteering on the backs of workers. In effect, corporate contractors are using privatization and our tax dollars to transform America into a low-wage nation of gross inequality.