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Thursday, August 29,2013

Let's check the socks market

By Jim Hightower
America’s economic recovery can be measured not only in the performance of stocks — but also of socks.
Thursday, August 22,2013

To understand the news, connect the headlines!

By Jim Hightower
Headlines for economic news stories tend to conflict and confuse. So let’s play [game show theme]: “Connect-The- Headlines!”
Thursday, August 15,2013

Monsanto’s Wizard-of-Oz website

By Jim Hightower
Excellent news, consumers: Biotech giants that’ve been secretly inserting genetically engineered organisms into thousands of food products you buy have just announced that they’re coming clean!
Thursday, August 8,2013

Finding the money to fund higher education for all

By Jim Hightower
Question: Is making higher education available to every American more important to our national interest than letting Wall Street profiteers make a few more billions of dollars each year?
Thursday, August 1,2013

How dare D.C. demand fair wages from Walmart?

By Jim Hightower
Want to see pure altruism in action? Go to Washington, D.C. — not to the marbled buildings of the federal government, but to the real city, where ordinary folks live.
Thursday, July 25,2013

Repeal the Patriot Act

By Jim Hightower
It’s back. The Patriot Act — a grotesque, ever-mutating, hydra-headed monstrosity from the Bush-Cheney Little Shop of Horrors — has risen again, this time with an added twist of Orwellian intrusiveness from the Obamacans.
Thursday, July 18,2013

If you only watch your bottom line, you can't lift your head high

By Jim Hightower
Just for the hell of it, let’s re-imagine Walmart.
Thursday, July 11,2013

North Carolina's Kafkaesque war on the unemployed

By Jim Hightower
Something profoundly awful has seeped into the top strata of American society: Our nation’s corporate and political elites have developed an immunity to shame.
Wednesday, July 3,2013

Flagging the lies of Big Oil's frackers on the 4th of July

By Jim Hightower
Big Oil’s frigging frackers are wrapping their shameless profiteering in our flag.
Thursday, June 27,2013

Corporate arrogance and government ignorance

By Jim Hightower
Arrogance is an unpleasant trait, but when it’s overlaid with ignorance, it really gets ugly.