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Thursday, July 25,2013

Repeal the Patriot Act

By Jim Hightower
It’s back. The Patriot Act — a grotesque, ever-mutating, hydra-headed monstrosity from the Bush-Cheney Little Shop of Horrors — has risen again, this time with an added twist of Orwellian intrusiveness from the Obamacans.
Thursday, July 18,2013

If you only watch your bottom line, you can't lift your head high

By Jim Hightower
Just for the hell of it, let’s re-imagine Walmart.
Thursday, July 11,2013

North Carolina's Kafkaesque war on the unemployed

By Jim Hightower
Something profoundly awful has seeped into the top strata of American society: Our nation’s corporate and political elites have developed an immunity to shame.
Wednesday, July 3,2013

Flagging the lies of Big Oil's frackers on the 4th of July

By Jim Hightower
Big Oil’s frigging frackers are wrapping their shameless profiteering in our flag.
Thursday, June 27,2013

Corporate arrogance and government ignorance

By Jim Hightower
Arrogance is an unpleasant trait, but when it’s overlaid with ignorance, it really gets ugly.
Thursday, June 20,2013

The class of 2013 seems to 'get it'

By Jim Hightower
Like most commencement droners, I urged the bright kids in funny square hats to do “Big Things” in life. But my message was that bigness cannot be measured in terms of personal wealth and self aggrandizement, even though such narcissism is the ethic being preached and practiced by today’s corporate and political elite.
Thursday, June 13,2013

Monsanto Frankenwheat crops up in Oregon

By Jim Hightower
Bob Dylan once sent a two-word lyric to Ben Harper, a talented songwriter he admired. “Well well,” was the lyric, and Dylan challenged Harper to make a song of it.
Thursday, June 6,2013

Biotech runs amuck. Again

By Jim Hightower
When asked what the world needs, people tend to go all gushy and offer up such fuzzy stuff as “world peace” and “more kindness.”
Thursday, May 30,2013

A new home for poverty in America

By Jim Hightower
It’s been nearly 50 years since poverty in America was a front-burner issue on our nation’s political agenda — and it’s time to move it up again.
Thursday, May 23,2013

Let’s join the Army!

By Jim Hightower
Imagine “net zero.” That’s the wonky phrase attached to an elegant idea — namely, converting communities to total renewable energy, complete recycling, and a culture of conservation to bring humankind’s carbon footprint into a sustainable balance with a healthy earth.