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Thursday, October 13,2011

Malicious merger merchants strike again

By Jim Hightower
Five men suddenly found themselves faced with an all-out attack on their territory. Five men confronted by a hostile power. But these five men looked destiny in the eye — and then they suited up and took care of business.
Thursday, October 6,2011

Rick Perry's 'truthiness'

By Jim Hightower
Comedy Central’s Stephen Colbert points out that political statements and even political facts these days don’t have to be true — all they need, Colbert insists, is some element of “truthiness.”
Thursday, September 29,2011

Playing Washington's inside game

By Jim Hightower
Do you know any of the dozen Congress critters who’re on the superpowerful deficit-reduction supercommittee? I don’t mean do you know their names, but do you really know them — know them well enough that they’ll take your call?
Thursday, September 22,2011

The GOP's jobs debate

By Jim Hightower
Now, let’s turn the Hubble telescope to the far-away galaxy where Rick, Mitt, Michele and Goofy are contending for the Republican presidential nomination.
Thursday, September 15,2011

The Enronization of presidential politics

By Jim Hightower
In the infamous Enron scandals of a decade ago, unregulated energy hucksters created an array of dummy financial funds so they could evade public scrutiny and perpetrate fraud. To disguise the scams, the funds were given such names as Chewco and JEDI.
Thursday, September 8,2011

Tea party Congress: 'Power to the Corporations'

By Jim Hightower
Good grief — the genuine populist fury of grassroots tea partiers is now being perverted into anti-populism by the very Tea Party Republicans they elected to Congress.
Thursday, September 1,2011

Corporate hoggishness run amuck

By Jim Hightower
They´re back. Citigroup, Coca-Cola, IBM, Merck, and dozens of other major U.S. corporations are back in Washington — like hogs at the trough — demanding to be fed another tax boondoggle.
Thursday, August 25,2011

Yee-haw! Perry for president

By Jim Hightower
So here comes Rick Perry of Texas, trying to climb the national political ladder all the way to the presidency. He’s really two candidates in one suit. On the surface, Perry is vying to be the furthest out of the Tea Party Republicans’ farout right-wingers — sort of Michele Bachmann with better hair. He wants to scuttle Social Security and Medicaid.
Thursday, August 18,2011

A governor eaten up by corporate ideology

By Jim Hightower
In office for only half a year, Gov. Rick Scott of Florida has made clear to the people of his state what he's made of: right-wing ideological Silly Putty.
Thursday, August 11,2011

Bankers keep running with illegal foreclosures

By Jim Hightower
Two-year-olds often go running around the house too wildly and crash into something. They get an “ouchie” and fall down crying, but they learn from it. That’s the virtue of the “ouchie” that Bank of America, Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase, Wells Fargo and other big financiers got last year when they ran into the law after racing wildly through home foreclosure paperwork.