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Thursday, January 31,2013

The joke of ‘corporate governance’

By Jim Hightower
Last year, poor Jamie presided over a $6 billion loss by the bank’s chief investment office, so he’s now had his own pay cut in half, knocking him down to $11.5 million.
Thursday, January 24,2013

The ‘Beckinization’ of the far right

By Jim Hightower
Perhaps you thought that, surely, the far right wing in American politics couldn’t get any nuttier. If so, you clearly hadn’t factored in Glenn Beck.
Thursday, January 17,2013

Who’s behind ‘Fix the Debt’?

By Jim Hightower
Top corporate chieftains and Wall Street gamblers want to tell Washington how to fix our national debt, so they’ve created a front group called “Fix the Debt” to push their agenda.
Thursday, January 10,2013

Why do universities need a C.M.O.?

By Jim Hightower
A new fad is sweeping across America’s university campuses — and it’s seriously goofy.
Thursday, January 3,2013

Is nothing sacred to frackers?

By Jim Hightower
In cities and rural areas alike, this unbridled “gas rush” has become a matter of deeply grave concern. Literally.
Thursday, December 27,2012

A fracking surprise in Texas

By Jim Hightower
This brutish technique for extracting natural gas from deep within the Earth, led by such profiteering giants as Exxon Mobil and Halliburton, has rapidly swept across America. Indeed, it has run right over local residents who’ve had their air and water polluted, their families sickened, and their own economic futures imperiled.
Thursday, December 20,2012

The selling of the Obama inauguration

By Jim Hightower
President Obama, reversing his own honorable precedent for his first inaugural, has chosen this time to have corporations pay for his big hoo-rah.
Thursday, December 13,2012

General Armey fades away

By Jim Hightower
Dick’s always been stormy. In 2002, he had an unpleasant split with his fellow legislative hucksters, Newt Gingrich and Tom DeLay, so he spun through Congress’ revolving door right into the K-Street lobbying hustle.
Thursday, December 6,2012

The secessionist tempest in Texas

By Jim Hightower
Once again, there’s a tempest brewing in the national tea pot. We’re talking secession! Well, some of us are.
Thursday, November 29,2012

A new face of political goofiness

By Jim Hightower
At last, our embarrassment is over! We Texans have long endured the shame of having our goober of a governor, Rick Perry, declaimed as the goofiest public official in the land. But now, we can point to another state’s embarrassment, for a newly elected senator has ascended atop America’s pedestal of political goofiness.