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Thursday, March 14,2013

Can sanity finally conquer reefer madness?

By Jim Hightower
America’s founders were strong promoters of this extraordinarily useful agricultural crop, and both Jefferson and Washington grew it. The first draft of our Constitution was written on hemp paper, and as late as World War II, the government urgently pushed farmers to grow the crop as part of a “Hemp for Victory” program.
Thursday, March 7,2013

Wall Street gets giddy over the urge to merge

By Jim Hightower
Uh-oh. You always have to worry when you hear that there’s a new “air of giddiness on Wall Street.”
Thursday, February 28,2013

The bad seed strikes again

By Jim Hightower
This biotech behemoth has a monopolistic grip on the creation and sale of Frankenseeds — the seeds of corn, cotton, soybeans and other crops that have had genetically modified organisms spliced into their natural DNA structure by corporate lab-techs.
Thursday, February 21,2013

Just say No-No to nanos

By Jim Hightower
Nanomaterials, that is — manufactured or natural substances that are broken down in high-tech facilities to be teensie-tiny, molecule-sized particles.
Thursday, February 14,2013

Monsanto vs. Mother Nature: Guess who's winning?

By Jim Hightower
Monsanto, the biotech profiteer, keeps rediscovering this reality, but never seems to learn from it. For more than a decade, it has aggressively pushed its genetically altered corn and soybean seeds on American farmers.
Thursday, February 7,2013

Outlawing exposes of factory farm horrors

By Jim Hightower
The problem is that the meat, eggs and dairy that are marketed to us as “wholesome” foodstuffs by such giants as Tyson, Smithfield and Borden are actually produced in mammoth, mega-messy, monstrous factory farms. Known by the baleful industrial acronym CAFO, these Confined Animal Feeding Operations amount to animal concentration camps.
Thursday, January 31,2013

The joke of ‘corporate governance’

By Jim Hightower
Last year, poor Jamie presided over a $6 billion loss by the bank’s chief investment office, so he’s now had his own pay cut in half, knocking him down to $11.5 million.
Thursday, January 24,2013

The ‘Beckinization’ of the far right

By Jim Hightower
Perhaps you thought that, surely, the far right wing in American politics couldn’t get any nuttier. If so, you clearly hadn’t factored in Glenn Beck.
Thursday, January 17,2013

Who’s behind ‘Fix the Debt’?

By Jim Hightower
Top corporate chieftains and Wall Street gamblers want to tell Washington how to fix our national debt, so they’ve created a front group called “Fix the Debt” to push their agenda.
Thursday, January 10,2013

Why do universities need a C.M.O.?

By Jim Hightower
A new fad is sweeping across America’s university campuses — and it’s seriously goofy.