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Wednesday, November 21,2012

Bosses gone berserk

By Jim Hightower
The sky is falling! The end times are upon us! It’s all over for America! And it’s all because of you — you, the execrable voters.
Thursday, November 15,2012

The dirty little secret of private equity profits

By Jim Hightower
But here’s a revelation that really ruffles their feathers: They appear to have been gathering their riches not with bold competition, but with old-fashioned collusion.
Thursday, November 8,2012

Why the chicken crossed the road

By Jim Hightower
Thanks to the industrializers of American agriculture, we finally know why the chicken crossed the road: To run away from the factory farm!
Thursday, November 1,2012

The free-enterprise mirage of Sheldon Adelson

By Jim Hightower
For a reality check on the moral superiority of the rich, however, take a peek at who’s now trying to do some of the most egregious mooching ever from the economically devastated people of Spain.
Thursday, October 25,2012

The curious shyness of ‚€˜Wall Street Journal‚€™ op-ed writers

By Jim Hightower
As I trekked to my gate at the Orange County Airport in California not long ago, I stopped briefly at a newsstand to pick up a copy of The New York Times.
Thursday, October 18,2012

A meek media

Quote approval process destroys credibility

By Jim Hightower
The latest decline in hard-nosed, investigative reporting is something called “quote approval.” It began with PR flacks for public officials and political candidates demanding that reporters agree — as a price of being granted an interview — to submit any quotes they intend to use from the interview to the interviewee’s staff for approval.
Thursday, October 11,2012

Organic subsidiaries out their parent conglomerates

By Jim Hightower
National brand-name food conglomerates are coming a cropper over California’s Proposition 37. Actually, it’s a double cropper.
Thursday, October 4,2012

A right to know what’s in your dinner

By Jim Hightower
This contest in California will likely have a huge impact on national policy and on grassroots efforts to rein in the arrogance of corporate power that’s running roughshod over too many Americans.
Thursday, September 27,2012

Romney takes the gold in 2002 Olympics

By Jim Hightower
One of the curiosities of life in these curious times is that millions of Americans are enjoying the benefits of government — but are either unaware of it or in denial.
Thursday, September 20,2012

What’s in our food? Fight for the right to know

By Jim Hightower
Food fight, everyone — let’s all join the fun!