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Thursday, August 2,2012

Insider tips profit biggest hedge funds

By Jim Hightower
The high-rollers who run Wall Street’s top hedge funds essentially gamble with other people’s money, betting billions of dollars on such stuff as whether XYZ Corporation’s third-quarter profits will be one point lower than forecast.
Thursday, July 26,2012

‘Double-S.O.B.s’ keep making a killing

By Jim Hightower
It’s true that America’s working stiffs are mostly stuck in the muck of depression these days, spinning their economic wheels with low wages that can’t even keep pace with inflation. Still, though, there are some good news stories about some who’re doing well — such as David Simon.
Thursday, July 19,2012

Who needs Wall Street giants?

By Jim Hightower
After enduring years of insatiable greed by the slick-fingered hucksters who run these gambling houses; after watching in dismay as their ineptness and avarice drained more than $19 trillion from America’s household wealth since 2007 and plunged our real economy into financial crisis.
Thursday, July 12,2012

Propagandizing school kids for corporate profit

By Jim Hightower
Are you a parent who’s worried about the plethora of highly questionable bio-engineered organisms that agribusiness profiteers have quietly been slipping into everything from snack foods to school lunches? Well, perhaps your own children can put your mind at ease, for they might have science teachers who assign a book called “Look Closer at Biotechnology” to the kiddos in their classes. It’s filled with colorful images, friendly cartoon faces, puzzles and more!
Thursday, July 5,2012

Food manipulators trying to deceive voters

By Jim Hightower
An old adage says, “Never buy a pig in a poke.” But what about a poke hidden in a pig? That’s different, say the corporate profiteers behind the startling number of our food products that now contain genetically engineered organisms, altering the DNA make-up of everything from corn to pigs.
Thursday, June 28,2012

A gamer’s wild pitch

By Jim Hightower
In sports, a “gamer” is someone who’s always eager to play. However, in such pursuits as business and politics, a “gamer” is one who games the system.
Thursday, June 21,2012

Listen to the weeds

By Jim Hightower
Rather than finding ways to cooperate with the natural world, America’s agribusiness giants reach for the next quick fix in a futile effort to overpower nature. Their attitude is that if brute force isn’t working, they’re probably not using enough of it.
Thursday, June 14,2012

Abandoning ALEC

By Jim Hightower
The American Legislative Exchange Council is the corporatefinanced bill mill that thinks up reams of anti-labor, anti-consumer, anti-environment, anti-democracy and other anti-people laws favored by its corporate funders. It then works with Republican lawmakers in state legislatures to introduce about 1,000 of these cookie-cutter bills every year in statehouses all over the country. Until recently, ALEC largely operated clandestinely — but such watchdog groups as Center for Media and Democracy, Color of Change and Nation magazine have now outed it as the insidious force behind some of America’s mostextreme, right-wing legislation.
Thursday, June 7,2012

Big shot banker proves big banks are too big

By Jim Hightower
OK, but where were the federal regulators, who’re supposed to dog banker excess? Shoved aside by Dimon. While more than 100 government inspectors were imbedded in JPMorgan — none were in the reckless investment division. The bank’s big-shot boss, who is tightly wired to the top lead ers.
Thursday, May 31,2012

Cleaning up the stench of Washington lobbyists

By Jim Hightower
Even a hog must sometimes gag at the stench of its own sty. Maybe that’s why some corporate lobbyists have launched a campaign to spiff up K-Street, Washington’s corridor of shameless high-dollar influence peddlers.