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Thursday, March 1,2012

Congress chooses to keep poisoning children

By Jim Hightower
Yes, we certainly need to cut unnecessary and even frivolous federal spending, because, well, because it’s unnecessary and frivolous. So, Congress has targeted unnecessary oil subsidies and frivolous tax giveaways to billionaires, right? Uh, no. Instead, our learned solons have chosen to whack the Lead Poisoning Prevention Program.
Thursday, February 23,2012

The poppy war in Afghanistan

By Jim Hightower
Oh to be in Afghanistan again, when the poppies are in bloom! For a symbol of how America’s decade-long war is going in this faraway land, look at the beautiful fields of red poppies flowering so bountifully there. Unfortunately, that bounty symbolizes a failure of an ambitious Western initiative against the Taliban forces.
Thursday, February 16,2012

Political con men are shrinking America

By Jim Hightower
In my state of Texas, things tend to be bigger — bigger hats, bigger money and bigger thievery by political con men.Last year, the gang of GOP hucksters who control our state government pulled off a huge heist, covering it up with an equally huge boast: “We balanced our budget. Not by raising taxes but by cutting government spending,” bragged the gang leader, Gov. Rick “Oops” Perry.
Thursday, February 9,2012

Tech execs say U.S. is failing them

By Jim Hightower
Last year, during an intimate chat and chew dinner with some Silicon Valley high-tech barons, President Barack Obama posed a question to Steve Jobs, baron of the Apple empire.
Thursday, February 2,2012

Newt Gingrich: the spawn of ‘Citizens United’

By Jim Hightower
Justice Kennedy, meet Sheldon Adelson — a product of your cluelessness about how real politics work. For years, this casino baron has spent lavishly on right-wing front groups to advance his personal agenda, including pouring money into Newt Gingrich’s campaign.
Thursday, January 26,2012

GOP ‘mad as a hatter’ about EPA mercury regs

By Jim Hightower
Why do congressional Republicans hate unborn babies? Yeah, I know they profess to love the unborn, even considering them “persons” from the very moment of conception. Yet, whose interest do you think these same politicos have chosen to protect when it comes to regulating an especially nasty industrial toxin that wreaks holy hell on unborn babies?
Thursday, January 19,2012

Repeal the farce of ‘corporate personhood’

By Jim Hightower
The Powers That Be constantly try to pull the wool over people’s eyes, but sometimes the wool blinders are so itchy that people rip them off and clearly see the scam.
Thursday, January 12,2012

A people’s victory in Montana

By Jim Hightower
Let’s hear it for American Tradition Partnership! It’s an organization that stands up for the politically dispossessed in our land. It goes to the highest courts to assert the fundamental rights of a minority that’s been denied its full voice in America’s political and governmental power circles. Yes, American Tradition Partnership is a tenacious advocate for (cue the patriotic music): corporations.
Thursday, January 5,2012

Organize for 2012

By Jim Hightower
Let me just mention a few of the bigger bumps: non-stop Congressional gridlock, Donnie Trump, the working class depression, Obama’s serial surrenders to raw Republican partisanship, Newt Gingrich, the re-emergence of Wall Street’s Gordon Gekko arrogance, right-wing governors gone wild, Rick.
Thursday, December 29,2011

The disuniting of America

By Jim Hightower
Today, that insidious love (taking the form of greed and excess) is celebrated in our country and has even exalted into official public policy, marring our economy with inequality and injustice. The reigning ethos of our nation’s upper crust is that too much is not enough. They’re not merely out to make loads of the money they love, but to make a killing, everyone else be damned.