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Thursday, September 10,2015

Scott Walker’s incredible foreign policy

By Jim Hightower
It’s time now for the latest chapter in the thrilling global adventures of: “Scott Walker, Commando!” Walker, the right-wing Wisconsin governor who’s backed by the mighty money muscle of the Koch brothers, is known chiefly for advancing the...
Thursday, September 3,2015

Scott Walker cuts higher-ed budget

By Jim Hightower
The Wisconsin governor says he should be America’s president because he’s a proven budget whacker who, by gollies, has dressed down teachers, slashed funding for higher education, busted unions and gone after welfare recipients.
Thursday, August 27,2015

How to lift up America’s middle class

By Jim Hightower
“We business leaders know what to do,” he wrote, “but do we have the will to do it?” Apparently, no. But he says he knows just the thing that’ll jar the CEOs into action: Corporate wagehike subsidies.
Thursday, August 20,2015

ISDS: A corporate cluster bomb to obliterate our sovereignty

By Jim Hightower
The Powers That Be are very unhappy with you and me. They’re also unhappy with senators like Elizabeth Warren, activist groups like Public Citizen, unions like the Communications Workers, and… well, with the majority of us Americans who oppose the establishment’s latest free trade scam.
Thursday, August 13,2015

Big political donors buying elections... and public policies

By Jim Hightower
He heads an obscure, corporate-funded group pushing to wipe out the few remaining limits on the special interests that put extremely big bucks into political campaigns. It’s only fair to turn the fat-cat donors loose, he explains, because an unlimited infusion of cash (from, say, the.
Thursday, August 6,2015

Banksters: A story of crime and punishment

By Jim Hightower
Four massive financial conglomerates — JPMorgan Chase, Citigroup, Barclays and the Royal Bank of Scotland — have been caught in a criminal conspiracy to rig the global currency market. Bank regulators have now slapped them with an equally massive fine, totaling $5.
Thursday, July 30,2015

Proud “Partners” corporatize our parks

By Jim Hightower
First in line was Coca-Cola. In 2010, the multibillion-dollar colossus became a “Proud Partner” with NPS by making a mere $2.5 million taxdeductible donation. In return, Coke got exclusive rights to use park logos in its ads — and it also was allowed to veto an NPS plan to ban sales of bottled water in the Grand Canyon park.
Thursday, July 23,2015

Why a New Jersey puffer fish should not be president

By Jim Hightower
The Romneyites determined that the prima donna Christie was wholly unqualified to be vice president, but the rejection didn’t deflate Chris’ puffed-up self-esteem one dot.
Thursday, July 16,2015

A non-corporate, non-fat cat presidential campaign

By Jim Hightower
Republican politicos say that taking unlimited sums of campaign cash from corporations and billionaires is the American way, claiming that money is “free” speech. Democrats disagree, but say they can’t unilaterally disarm, so they join the ever-escalating arms race for fat cat money.
Thursday, July 9,2015

Mighty Monsanto meets its match in musician

By Jim Hightower
The Canadian rocker and master storyteller, Neil Young, says: “Music is a universal language.” Yes, and when created by a people’s champion like him, music can bring down the high and mighty, just as Joshua’s trumpeters brought down the walls of Jericho.