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Thursday, July 2,2015

U.S. General salutes a military “hero”

By Jim Hightower
But no, Dempsey’s choice is even more twisted: King Abdullah Bin Abdul- Aziz of Saudi Arabia. Abdullah, who headed the royal Saud family and became the ruling Saudi monarch in 2005, died in January at age 90. Having served as U.S.
Thursday, June 25,2015

Trump tries to put his brand on GOP

By Jim Hightower
He announced his candidacy from, where else?, Trump Tower, the luxury skyscraper on toney Fifth Avenue in Manhattan. The celebrity billionaire who has splashed the Trump brand on casinos, hotels, resorts, condos, neckties, and even steaks, now wants to put it on the Republican Party.
Thursday, June 18,2015

Debt buyers bury hard-hit consumers in lies

By Jim Hightower
Whenever a corporation issues a statement declaring that it is committed to “treating consumers fairly and with respect,” chances are it’s not. After all, if the outfit was actually doing it, there would be no need for a statement. Indeed, this particular claim came from Encore Capital, one of our country’s largest buyers of bad consumer debt, and it definitely has not been playing nice with the people it browbeats to collect overdue credit card bills, car loans, etc.
Thursday, June 11,2015

The real scandal in Denny Hastert’s life

By Jim Hightower
Washington’s gossip mill is spinning furiously over the recent revelations about Dennis Hastert’s long hidden sexual molestation scandal. But what about the filthy, backroom affair he’s been openly conducting with corporate lobbyists for nearly two decades?.
Thursday, June 4,2015

You, too, can be part of Scott Walker’s inner circle

By Jim Hightower
That’s the ticket price for entering Walker’s inner circle, where you can discuss your policy concerns and seek personal favors — straight from your lips to the candidate’s ear! Even if you’re a common working stiff, just give a million dollars and you’re in! Is this a great country, or what?.
Thursday, May 28,2015

Presidential candidates sort of address inequality

By Jim Hightower
Congress had previously paid no attention to the ever-widening chasm between the rich and the rest of us, but it has recently emerged as a central issue for such Republican presidential contenders as Jeb Bush, Ted Cruz, Rand Paul and Marco Rubio. They are publicly lamenting the wealth gap and—by gollies—proposing solutions.
Thursday, May 21,2015

Obama gets desperate in pushing TPP

By Jim Hightower
Poor Barack Obama. He’s been making more flashy moves than an Olympic ice skater, trying to get Democrats in Congress to cheer his Trans-Pacific Partnership. But instead, they’re roundly booing him. The president is on such thin ice with this ponderous giveaway to global corporate giants that his appeals for support have turned desperate, including this recent claim that TPP, “is the most progressive trade deal in history.”
Thursday, May 14,2015

Obama’s bizarre sales pitch for TPP

Sometimes you get offered “a deal you can’t refuse.” Then there’s the deal that Barack Obama has offered to congressional Democrats.

By Jim Hightower
For some bizarre reason, Obama is staking his presidential legacy on a trade scam called the Trans-Pacific Partnership. It’s a corporate wet dream that would let profiteering giants in Japan, Vietnam, Brunei and eight other Pacific nations sue to overturn our national, state and even local laws that they claim might pinch their profits.
Thursday, May 7,2015

The legalized immorality of Big Pharma

By Jim Hightower
Al Capone, the infamous mob boss and bootlegger in Chicagoland during the 1920s, always maintained that he was just a businessman, saying the only difference between him and others was that the law criminalized his business, while legalizing the criminality of socalled “legitimate” businessmen.
Thursday, April 30,2015

Far from liberalizing global policies, TPP is corporatizing them

By Jim Hightower
Consider the current debate in Washington over the Trans-Pacific Partnership. This secretly negotiated deal is the exact opposite of a “liberal” reform, for it blatantly transfers a major portion of our people’s democratic sovereignty into the plutocratic hands of multinational corporate giants.