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Wednesday, December 31,2014

A curse, a blessing, and a good food movement

By Jim Hightower
The 51 to 44 Senate vote was so close because we were able to expose Butz as... well, as butt-ugly. We brought the abusive power of corporate agribusiness into the public consciousness for the first time. We had won a moral victory, but it turned out to be a curse and a blessing.
Tuesday, December 30,2014

Daddy’s philosophy

By Jim Hightower
The establishment media pays little attention to grassroots generosity, focusing instead on the occasional showy donation by what it calls “philanthropists” — big tycoons who give a little piece of their billions to some university or museum in exchange for getting a building named after them.
Thursday, December 18,2014

A corporate power grab is underway, so where’s the media?

By Jim Hightower
The what? Most people have never heard of the TPP, but everyone who cares about good American jobs, an unpolluted environment, food safety and other fundamentals — especially including our basic right to be a sovereign, self-governing people — should take a.
Thursday, December 11,2014

The explosive greed of America’s 0.01-percenters

By Jim Hightower
Astonishingly, they’re being abandoned by retailers that are now catering to the most lux of the luxury market.
Thursday, December 4,2014

Ethics and congress critters

By Jim Hightower
If you’re a congress critter, apparently so, for that’s what newly-elected members of the new Congress that’ll convene in January have just received.
Monday, December 1,2014

America’s good food movement

By Jim Hightower
I’m talking about the growing movement of small farmers, food artisans, local retailers, co-ops, community organizers, restaurateurs, environmentalists, consumers and others — perhaps including you.
Thursday, November 20,2014

Let workers vote on CEO’s pay

By Jim Hightower
One difference between top executives and worker bees is that those at the top can lower the pay of those down below, while simultaneously raising their own pay. If you wonder what’s causing America’s rapidly-widening income gap, there it is.
Thursday, November 13,2014

Reviving the Bush-Cheney torture policy

By Jim Hightower
There’s a new push — ironically coming from the Obama White House — to revive torture as an acceptable practice by the CIA and others for their interrogation of terrorist suspects.
Thursday, November 6,2014

State legislatures are helping rich lenders rip-off the poor

By Jim Hightower
Though they’ve tried to buffup their public image by calling themselves “consumer lenders,” their game remains the same ethical mess it’s always been. They target poor and financially struggling people, entice them to borrow with come-ons touting “quick and easy” money, then hook them to installment loans with interest rates up to 36 percent.
Thursday, October 30,2014

The real Halloween scaries of 2014

By Jim Hightower
If you want a real Halloween fright, don’t look for it among the trick-ortreaters coming to your door— just check out the Republican spooks tying to peddle panic in this political year.