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Thursday, July 10,2014

Walgreens: An unpatriotic ingrate

By Jim Hightower
How would you react if one of your neighbors announced that while he obviously benefits from having clean water, highways, Medicare, police protection, parks, schools, and other public services, he was no longer going to pay his part of the taxes that make them available?.
Thursday, July 3,2014

How Koch-headed billionaires plan to ‘save’ America

By Jim Hightower
The Koch boys live in their own special world, enshrouded in a rarefied atmosphere created by the fumes emanating from their family’s enormous stockpiles of wealth.
Thursday, June 26,2014

Let’s turn Pope Francis loose on Wall Street

By Jim Hightower
Amazing! Some people who’ve long enjoyed a lifestyle of oldmoney elegance, are suddenly trying to downscale their lives and show a bit more of the common touch.
Thursday, June 19,2014

What job creation numbers don’t tell us

By Jim Hightower
Have you noticed that The Powers That Be employ an entirely different standard for measuring the health of America’s job market than they use for the stock market?
Thursday, June 12,2014

Low-wage corporate exploiters dressed as mom & pop

By Jim Hightower
When corporate lobbyists and the Congress critters they control attack efforts to raise the minimum wage to at least a bare level of human decency, they always try to cast the issue as an intolerable squeeze on struggling mom & pop stores. But wait what are those growling gorillas doing behind mom & pop’s cash register?
Thursday, June 5,2014

Fast food chains stealing from low-wage workers

By Jim Hightower
No matter how small the haul is, a thief is a thief, right? If a poverty-wage fast-food worker sneaks out a couple of burgers to take home to the kids, the bosses yell: “Thief!” But what do you call it when the bosses steal from those same workers?...
Thursday, May 29,2014

Bernanke’s cut of bankers’ bailout loot

By Jim Hightower
In one week in May, Bernanke was in Abu Dhabi on Tuesday, Johannesburg on Wednesday and Houston on Friday, speechifying to global bankers and hobnobbing with hedge fund billionaires and economic titans. Each of these private chats put $200,000 or more into Ben’s pockets.
Thursday, May 22,2014

Sniffing the ethical rot in Wall Street’s culture

By Jim Hightower
Both the head of the New York Fed and the Comptroller of the Currency are at least grasping one basic reality, namely that the tightened regulations enacted to deal with the “too big to fail” issue do nothing about the fundamental ethical collapse among America’s big bankers.
Thursday, May 15,2014

Look out — the yummies are coming!

By Jim Hightower
“We needed a kind of fresh look,” says the head of Zenga, a men’s fashion purveyor. By “fresh, ”he’s talking about silken coats that resemble bathrobes, shirts with yard-long sleeves that you scrunch up — oh, and narrow pants are in, very in. As one retail executive explained, “[it’s about] the way a narrow trouser makes you feel.
Thursday, May 8,2014

Corporate lobbyists challenged by a growing ‘Populist lobby’

By Jim Hightower
Imagine a headline blaring, “An Army of 1,500 Lobbyists Swarms Capitol Hill.” But that wouldn’t be news, since it happens every day. In fact, an occupying army of Gucci-clad corporate lobbyists is permanently encamped in Washington, numbering not a mere 1,500 — but more than 12,000. Yes, that works out to nearly 22 lobbyists for every member of the House and Senate, and they come armed with explosive levels of campaign cash to keep lawmakers toeing the corporate line.