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Thursday, April 10,2014

U.S. Postal Service selling out workers and… America

By Jim Hightower
Not Walmart-style “jobettes,” but real jobs, stable ones with a good salary and benefits, union jobs so workers have a say in what goes on, jobs that have strong protections against discrimination. A job you could make a career, do useful work, take pride in it, earn promotions, and be respected for what you do.
Thursday, April 3,2014

The mobsters of Wall Street

By Jim Hightower
Assume that you ran a business that was found guilty of bribery, forgery, perjury, defrauding homeowners, fleecing investors, swindling consumers, cheating credit card holders, violating U.S. trade laws and bilking American soldiers. Can you even imagine the punishment you’d get?.
Thursday, March 27,2014

Shouldn’t natural foods actually be natural?

By Jim Hightower
PepsiCo has quietly dropped the volatile “natural” claim from its snack packages, rebranding them with just the word “Simply.
Thursday, March 20,2014

Millionaire lawmakers can rise above their financial handicap

By Jim Hightower
The news that more than half of congress are now millionaires helps explain why it has been striving ceaselessly to provide more government giveaways to Wall Street, while also striving to enact government takeaways from middle-class and poor families.
Thursday, March 13,2014

The flim flam of the Employment Policies Institute

By Jim Hightower
The Employment Policies Institute has recently run full-page newspaper ads alerting the public and policymakers that an impressive group of some 650 economists who are supporting an increase in America’s minimum wage are “radical researchers.
Thursday, March 6,2014

Congressional critters get cozy with lobbyists

By Jim Hightower
A corporate lobbyist recently admitted to the New York Times: “Everybody is embarrassed about it. Although not so embarrassed that they don’t do it.”
Thursday, February 27,2014

Making consumer protection into corporate protection

By Jim Hightower
Anything less than mandatory GMO labeling is flagrant consumer fraud.
Thursday, February 20,2014

The super-rich literally live in their own world

By Jim Hightower
The latest trend is not simply to buy a fabulous house overlooking the pink sand beaches of some resort island — but to buy your very own Caribbean island.
Thursday, February 13,2014

What if antibiotics no longer work?

Germs are becoming resistant over time

By Jim Hightower
Can antibiotic medicines, long hailed as miracle drugs, be too much of a good thing? Yes.
Thursday, February 6,2014

Being a bankster means never saying, ‘I’m sorry’

By Jim Hightower
It’s hard not to laugh at Jamie Dimon, the vainglorious, silver-haired boss of the JPMorgan Chase house of banksters.