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Thursday, January 20,2011

Birth belongs to women, not doctors

By Pamela White
Rather than showing up on the date of her scheduled C-section, she stayed home and waited for her labor to begin naturally, certain her body could handle the task of delivering a child despite the slight increase in risks that comes with giving birth vaginally after having repeated C-sections.
Thursday, December 23,2010

When a fetus is the victim

By Pamela White
It's hard for anyone who hasn't lost a child to imagine Laurie Gorham's grief. Only six weeks away from giving birth to a baby boy, she was struck by a driver in a dark SUV who ran a stop sign, left tire tracks on her body and drove away. She barely survived.
Thursday, December 16,2010

Terrorist or freedom fighter?

By Pamela White
Newt Gingrinch has accused him of 'information terrorism' and said he should be treated like an enemy combatant. Radio personality and columnist Jeffrey T. Kuhner has said the United States should treat him as they would any other high-profile terrorist target.
Thursday, December 9,2010

Marriage 2.0

By Pamela White
When the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals upholds a lower court decision to overturn California's Proposition 8 as it almost certainly will it will be a victory not only for gays and lesbians, who will once again have the right to marry in California, but for heterosexual women, as well.
Wednesday, November 24,2010

A burning issue

By Pamela White
The Dome fire, which was reported at about 8:10 a.m. Friday, Oct. 29, was so close to town that some Boulder residents found themselves under evacuation orders. Fortunately, the fire was largely contained by the following Sunday. No homes were destroyed..
Thursday, November 11,2010

Make the pill free

By Pamela White
It's going to be a battle anyway. A panel of experts meets this month to advise the federal government on what kind of preventative care should be provided to women under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 (PPACA). On the table is a proposal to include contraception.
Tuesday, October 12,2010

Buck’s misogyny

By Pamela White
Five years ago, Ken Buck, district attorney for Weld County, declined to prosecute a rape case. His reasons for doing so ought to concern every woman in Colorado regardless of political party.
Thursday, October 7,2010

Tyler Clementi died for your sins

By Pamela White
Dharun Ravi got to college to find out his roommate, Tyler Clementi, 18, was gay and quickly shared that fact with the Twitterverse. Clearly, he felt that Clementis sexuality was a significant enough issue to merit posting online. And he didnt stop there.
Thursday, July 22,2010

City Councilís bad decorum

By Pamela White
The current call for tighter decorum has its roots in the Feb. 16 council meeting, where local gadfly Seth Brigham got up to speak and stripped down to his boxers.
Thursday, July 1,2010

White guilt

By Pamela White
Irecently received a fan letter from a reader who pleaded with me to write a novel featuring a multiracial couple. The woman who wrote the letter argued strongly that I shouldnít let my own prejudices get in the way of crafting a love story about two people of different races ó one black, one white ó and ended her plea with the words, ďLove is love.