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Thursday, May 27,2010

Human weeds

By Pamela White
Thatís what the residents of Boulder seem to believe. While readily conceding their own weakness as they crawl into their comfy beds each night, they spare nary a thought for the dozens of men and women who will face arrest if they attempt to get a good nightís rest.
Thursday, April 29,2010

Rape, lies are now OK in Oklahoma

By Pamela White
Oklahoma lawmakers must loathe women. On Tuesday, April 27, the Oklahoma State Legislature overwhelmingly voted to override vetoes of two anti-abortion measures, one that essentially legalizes the sexual violation of any woman seeking an abortion and another that legalizes malpractice on the part of doctors hoping to prevent them.
Thursday, April 15,2010

We can do better

By Pamela White
It`s easy to look at Jeremiah Sosa's short life and conclude that he never had a chance. After all, he was born to two parents who are in prison. His mother, Georgina Alaniz, 25, gave birth while serving a sentence for robbery, forgery and escape.
Tuesday, April 6,2010

Tim Leifield raised awareness about HIV/AIDS in Boulder County

By Pamela White
I met Tim Leifield in the late summer of 2006 at a table in front of Caffe Solé. In the midst of doing interviews for what became a five-part series about the history of HIV/AIDS in Boulder County, I wanted to get his perspective as the first director of Boulder County AIDS Project on the early days of the epidemic. He was warm and friendly and funny, and I found myself alternatively laughing or moved to tears during the course of the two hours that we spoke. He recalled how he’d first heard about GRID — gay-related immune deficiency, as AIDS was known before its cause was discovered — from friends in New York who were sick and dying. He talked about the fear that permeated the gay community in those dark days of the late 1980s.
Thursday, April 1,2010

Giving birth in chains

By Pamela White
I first learned about the shackling of inmates in labor back in 1999 after Amnesty International did its study of the issue and made its findings public. What I read in that report, titled "Not Part of My Sentence: Violations of the Human Rights of Women in Custody," was deeply disturbing. Here are some highlights:
Thursday, February 4,2010

Howard Zinn, the people's historian

By Pamela White
On Jan. 27, America lost Howard Zinn. A World War II bombardier, a historian, an author and professor, Zinn challenged the way Americans look at their nation and themselves with the publication of his 1980 book A People’s History of the United States.
Wednesday, February 3,2010

Let nipples roam free

By Pamela White
Boulder City Council members Macon Cowles and Lisa Morzel deserve praise for speaking out against the provision in a proposed public nudity ordinance that would have criminalized toplessness for women but not for men.
Monday, February 1,2010

Anti-abortion activists like Roeder akin to Christian terrorists

By Pamela White
It’s a good thing that a Witchita, Kan., jury found Scott Roeder guilty of murder in the slaying of Dr. George Tiller, an abortion provider. If they had instead found Roeder guilty of a lesser charge, the verdict would have accelerated what is already a slow slide into anti-abortion terrorism.
Thursday, January 21,2010

There's no easy fix for homelessness

By Pamela White
Back in 1929, Boulder’s respectable folks called it “The Jungle.” Historical photographs from Boulder’s Carnegie Library show men and women standing in the mud among the shanties, shacks and tents they called home. Back in the day, local newspapers referred to these unfortunates as “tramps,” “squatters” and “undesirable people.” Today we call them “vagrants,” “transients” or “the homeless.”
Thursday, October 29,2009

New Age outrage

By Pamela White
Since at least the ’60s, American Indian leaders have asked the rest of the country to refrain from stealing their ways of life, but their pleas have largely fallen on deaf ears. Well-meaning people — mostly liberals who’ve rejected the religions of their own cultures — continue to cherry-pick Native spirituality with results that range from humorous to absurd to insulting. And now a new adjective can be added to that list: deadly.