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Tired of comic book movies yet? Not me

Posted By: Quibian Salazar-Moreno

Whenever a new film based on a comic book is announced, elitist critics and snobby comic book fans alike are quick to make the comment, “is Hollywood running out of ideas or something?” or “that movie will ruin the franchise!” Yes, these elitists and movie snobs think a great story can’t be told on well-known existing material through film. But they’re quick to forget the first two Superman films that were, well, super. And don’t forget Tim Burton’s excellent take for the first two Batman films and later Christopher Nolan’s revamping of the Dark Knight in his two films.

Get over yourselves.

As a comic book and movie fan, I say bring it on. Sure, there will be a couple of misses (Daredevil and later Batman movies come to mind), but if the studios are willing to put up the money to bring one of our beloved comic book heroes to life, why not? Daredevil’s legacy in print was not tarnished because of Ben Affleck. If anything, it had kids going to the comic book stores to check out the stories even further. Comic book movies are good for the comic book industry.

Besides, deep down in their souls these snobs always wanted to see if the ideas of their favorite comic books hitting the big screen with live action actors and effects could be pulled off. And with more films coming: Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, The Avengers, Captain America, X-Men: First Class, a revamped Spider-Man, Hulk and more, it looks like things aren’t slowing down anytime soon. That’s fine by me. I’m getting ready for Thor to hit screens next year. Check out the trailer.

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