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Local Natives captivate the Fox

Posted By: Eli Boonin-Vail

It’s rare and amazing spectacle when a concert serves as its own climax. Lulls and low points are a natural part of the average concert-going experience, and anyone going in expecting perfection will be sorely disappointed

But when Local Natives took the stage Tuesday night, their presence captivated the hearts and minds of the audience. In an instant, they had every single person in the Fox Theater on a string.

Thunderous toms, intricate vocal dynamics, and incredible connection with the audience turned the late night concert with an up-and-coming gang of Californians into a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The concert was so full of power, passion, perfection, and presence that the best way to describe it would probably be life affirming.

Strong opening performances from The Union Line and The Love Language served as a launch pad for Local Natives’ extraordinary effort on Tuesday night. The Union Line contributed a sound similar to that of the Natives themselves, but with a pleasant surf-rock twist. The Love Language, a group of indie-rockers with a knack for diverse influence, added their pulsating anthems with control and skill.

But only once the Local Natives had the stage to themselves did the audience get the full package. From the first few opening chords of “Camera Talk” to the insane guitar and drum freak out finale on “Sun Hands,” the Local Natives played less like a band and more like gods.

Frankly, the only thing separating Local Natives on the stage and Local Natives in the studio was their presence. Their delicate and vital vocal harmonies held up great in the concert setting, even through their massively complex and face melting instrumentals which occasionally involved two people working one drum set. The omnipresent toms of their songs hammered life and energy into the crowd like sonic defibrillators, pumping up a crowd that was already on their feet.

In addition, audience participation was at an all time high. Despite their somewhat intimate surroundings, the people at the Fox had no trouble shouting along with the band and building an incredible atmosphere of participation. Lyrics and harmonies would echo through the crowd with electrifying might.

This concert was enough to make anyone a loyal Local Nativist. The next time they come anywhere near you, make the smart choice and buy tickets.

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