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Geeks who talk trash

Posted By: David Accomazzo

If you're a frequent bar-goer in Boulder, then you've surely been corralled into going to a trivia night, only to be stumped by the name of Jupiter's second moon. We all know the empty feeling of watching geekier teams chug beer after free beer after winning each round of trivia, then continuing to drink and win while much drunker than you, and it ain't pretty.

The more serious trivia geeks among us have an upcoming day in the spotlight at Geek Bowl 2011, a massive, 150-team trivia smackdown taking place at the Fillmore Auditorium on Saturday, Jan. 29. Tickets are still available.

The event has attracted teams from all over the country, and this year, Denver comedian Adam Cayton-Holland started the trash-talk early when he posted this video inviting Philidelphia teams to show off their worthless knowledge.

Philly struck back yesterday when a dweeb named Johnny Goodtimes posted a white-boy-rap response dissing Denver, Boulder, Colorado Springs, Utah and Albuquerque. He disses Denver's economy ("the only growth industry you got is med pot"), Utah's religion ("you can only have five of your wives on your team"), Colorado Springs in general ("Focus on the Family? That just ain't right / you should focus on the cash so you can have some street lights"), and more.

Boulder geeks: I know you have more skills than this guy! Are you just going to sit there and let him diss you like that?

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